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1 – Ubaldo Fillol – CA River Plate; Era: SH 1970’s

12 – Amadeo Carrizo – CA River Plate; Era: FH 1950’s

23 – Américo Tesoriere – CA Boca Juniors; Era: FH 1920’s


2 – Roberto Ayala – Valencia CF  (Spain); Era: FH 2000’s

3 – Sílvio Marzolini – CA Boca Juniors; Era: SH 1960’s

4 – Roberto Perfumo – Club Racing; Era: SH 1960’s

14 – Javier Zanetti – FC Internazionale (Italy); Era: SH 2000’s

15 – Daniel Passarella – CA River Plate; Era: SH 1970’s

19 – Óscar Ruggeri – CA River Plate; Era: SH 1980’s

21 – Carlos Sosa – CA Boca Juniors; Era: SH 1940’s


5 – Fernando Redondo – Real Madrid CF  (Spain); Era: SH 1990’s

6 – Luís Monti – CA San Lorenzo; Era: SH 1920’s

7 – Antonio Sastre – CA Independiente; Era: SH 1930’s

10 – Diego Maradona ★  SSC Napoli  (Italy); Era: SH 1980’s

11 – Adolfo Perdenera – CA River Plate; Era: FH 1940’s

17 – Néstor Rossi – CA River Plate; Era: SH 1950’s

22 – Ricardo Bochini – CA Independiente; Era: SH 1970’s


8 – José Manuel Moreno – CA River Plate; Era: FH 1940’s

9 – Gabriel Batistuta – AFC Fiorentina (Italy); Era: SH 1990’s

13 – Mário Kempes – Valencia CF (Spain); Era: SH 1970’s

16Omar Corbatta – Racing Club; Era: SH 1950’s

18 – Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: FH 2010’s

20 – Omar Sívori – Juventus FC (Italy); Era: SH 1950’s (1) (2)


Argentina XI


argentinaHelenio Herrera – Era: FH 1960’s


(1) – Omar Sívori was rated as the 16º best South America player of the Century by IFFHS;

(2)Omar Sívori was named to FIFA 100 as Argentinian footballer;

(3)Alfredo Di Stéfano is also a legible choise to be in the squad, however he played for Spain NT in his peak years.

UPDATED AT: 15 – 10 – 2017


18 thoughts on “Argentina”

      1. Houseman, Verón é uma lenda do futebol argentino. Ardiles pode ficar.

      2. Houseman é igualmente uma lenda do futebol argentino. Era o Garrincha das Pampas, mas esta equipa está bem servida no ataque.

  1. Ardiles was much better and more important for Argentina than Simeone. Same goes for Monti, he was better than Redondo

    1. I want to replace Simeone.

      About Ardiles, he doesn’t impress me a lot with moreno, sastre, redondo, rossi, monti in this squad. I’m really undecided who replace him (maybe a AM or a CF).

      I see Redondo better than Monti.

      1. what has Redondo done with NT? nothing, he was only good at club level
        Monti was a key player of the team that became world cup runner-up
        if we speak about important abilities of a DM (marking, stamina, mentality), monti is miles above Redondo

      2. So what about Messi? 🙂

        I don’t focuse only in NT level. For me doesn’t make sense 5/6 games in every 4 years being more important than 3/4 year (the best years of a player).

        In a quick research both Monti and Redondo are highly referenced in diferents XI. One is in the XI other is sub.

        Monti is more defensive, physical and strong like you say. Redondo is more skillful and a “system” player that help also in the attack, and because of that I prefer Redondo. They are diferent.

        You prefer Monti and you have your reasons. Ok. But I prefer Redondo by different reasons than yours.

  2. you ask me about Messi? tbh I don’t have him in my Argentina squad, I usually play with Kempes

    1. You just ask me “what has Redondo done with NT?” 😀

      It’s ok. It’s good you say it to me. You prefer the importance of the player on NT level. In other way I prefer the prime years of a player.

  3. I think, sometimes the old players are overrated, for me ” la maquina” is an overrated team. tesoriere , sosa, rossi, pedernera, moreno, ohaco, against who did they play with?

    please where is di stefano? in spain ? he belongs here because if argentina would have played those world cups he would have played with argentina … also if we play with the current rules he played with argentina first, so spain out , also he did not play any world cup with spain (there are no images he was injured).. so i think he should be in the argentinian team

    indeed, it is very difficult to make this team, veron riquelme ardiles simeone caniggia goycochea those are very good players that come to my mind right now …

    1. The people of the year of 2050 will argue that Maradona, Messi, or Cruyff are overrated. It is an endless cycle.

      I must admit that the adition of Ohaco is biased, but I have no idea who I should put in his place, like you said, Argentina have to many quality options.

      I regard highly the peak, and Di Stéfano at his peak played for Spain NT (but it’s absolute fine name him in Argentina AS).

      A player can only be in one NT in this blog.

      1. I do not think so, because these players that you have mentioned have videos, we have videos of them , on the other hand we dont have images to see la maquina only what we heard from people of those years, so.

        i dont know..
        as i said who did they play with? only argentinian teams

        those players didnt go to the world cup , no libertadores ,

        la maquina
        Primera División (4): 1941, 1942, 1945, 1947 (invincible… they don’t seem).

        La Máquina is often considered a precursor of the famous Clockwork Orange.

      2. I have acess to crhonics of all games from OG 1924. That is a example. If we research well, we will find very good references from football before 1950.

  4. Oreste Corbatta should be on the team, considered the best Argentine right winger of all time. He also won 2 cups and played a World Cup..I could replace Ohaco in the team.

    1. I didn’t make a decision about a substitute of Ohaco, so I will accept your suggestion for now.

      When I have more time, I will make a final decision. Thanks.

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