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1 – Sepp Maier  – FC Bayern; Era: FH 1970’s

22 – Oliver Kahn  – FC Bayern; Era: FH 2000’s

23 – Manuel Neuer – FC Schalke 04 / FC Bayern; Era: FH 2010’s


2 – Hans-Hubert Vogts – Borussia Monchengladbach; Era: SH 1970’s

4 – Karlheinz Förster – VfB Sttutgart; Era: FH 1980’s

5 – Franz Beckenbauer  – FC Bayern; Era: FH 1970’s

6 – Matthias Sammer – Borussia Dortmund; Era: SH 1990’s

14 – Jürgen Kohler – Juventus FC (Italy) / Borussia Dortmund; Era: FH 1990’s

16 – Phillip Lahm – FC Bayern; Era: FH 2010’s

17 – Karl-Heinz Schnellinger – AC Milan (Italy); Era: SH 1960’s


3 – Paul Breitner – FC Bayern / Real Madrid (Spain); Era: SH 1970’s

7 – Fritz Walter – FC Kaiserslautern; Era: FH 1950’s

8 – Günter Netzer – Borussia Monchengladbach; Era: FH 1970’s

10 – Lothar Matthaus – FC Bayern / FC Internazionale (Italy); Era: FH 1990’s

12 – Wolfgang Overath – FC Koln; Era: FH 1970’s

15Bastian Schweinsteiger – FC Bayern; Era: FH 2010’s

19 – Fritz Szepan – Schalke 04; Era: SH 1930’s


9 – Uwe Seeler – HSV; Era: FH 1960’s

11 – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge – FC Bayern; Era: FH 1980’s

13 – Gerd Muller – FC Bayern; Era: FH 1970’s

18 – Jurgen Klinsmann – Tottenham Hotspur (England) / FC Bayern; Era: FH 1990’s

20 – Helmut Rahn – Rot-Weiss Essen; Era: SH 1950’s

21 – Richard Hofmann – Dresdner SC; Era: SH 1920’s



Germany XI


GermanyHelmut Schon – Era: FH 1970’s

GermanyOttmar Hitzfeld – Era: SH 1990’s

 UPDATED AT: 28 – 10 – 2018


22 thoughts on “Germany”

    1. Neuer doens’s have the carrer and achievements of Schuma but he still in active and can will win more trophies.

      1. By Germany on World Cup, Schweinsteiger played two semifinals and a final. This player represents 10 years of German football. Schweinsteiger is > that Overath by example.

  1. The generation from 2006 to 2017 needs to have more representation (one titles in 2014 and two semifinals in 2006 in 2010)

    1. The 1954 squad also only have two players (Rahn and Walter).

      Maybe I will retire Brehme (the squad had already Schnellinger, Breitner and Lahm for that position), but being honest I see Szymaniak as more interesting option.

      I don’t think so about Schweisteiger > Overath.

    2. Ok, you convinced me.

      I’ve retired Brehme, added Schweinsteiger. A new XI will be added.

      1. In perspective, Andres Bremhe is among the 25 best full backs in history, instead nor Overath, nor Szymaniak are among the best 50 midfielders in history, to Schweinsteiger yes they consider him in this ranking.

      2. But in this squad there are already 3 options only for left-back position. This squad doens’t need a 4th left-back. Is more necessary a defensive/central midfielder than a side-back.

  2. My friend, the better of Breitner was when he played like Box to Box and the better of Sammer was when he played like libero.

    1. My intetions was put Breitner as LB, Sammer as DM and Forster as DC, but I agree with you about Breitner.

      The XI will be same. I don’t have time to updated now. Sartuday I will fix it.

  3. forster out – brehme in
    szepan out – ballack in
    hofmann out – littbarski in

    best eleven
    lahm sammer beckenbauer brehme
    matthaus breitner
    rahn muller rummenigge

    1. Actually the team is pretty fime.

      Good XI, BTW, I’ve used a 4-3-3 for Germany.

  4. 2 sweepers in defence doesn’t work in pes either in reality so Sammer should be replaced by Kohler

    1. It’s true that doesn’t work, but it is also the Best XI possible, regarding the very best from Germany.

      Another possibility was Breitner as LB (retiring Schnellinger), Sammer as DM and Forster/Kohler as CB.

      1. That would be better, because I repeat 2 Lib in a team are impossible is like having 2 GK is just not alowed. Plus, Littbarsky is 100000000 better than Fritz Walter

      2. Ok, in the next weekend I will add a new XI for Germany.

        Litt is superior to Walter only in speed and…… that’s all. 😉

      1. I’m guessing no one was even close to being considered then?

      2. Outside Sammer, there are some interesting players as Croy, Dorner and Urbaczyk, that are
        relatively close.

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