1 – Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus FC; Era: FH 2000’s

12 – Dino Zoff – Juventus FC; Era: SH 1970’s

23 – Walter Zenga – FC Internazionale; Era: SH 1980’s


2 – Giuseppe Bergomi – FC Internazionale; Era: SH 1980’s

3 – Paolo Maldini – AC Milan; Era: SH 1990’s

4 – Giacinto Facchetti – FC Internazionale; Era: SH 1960’s

5 – Claudio Gentile – Juventus FC; Era: FH 1980’s

6 – Franco Baresi – AC Milan; Era: FH 1990’s

8 – Gaetano Scirea – Juventus FC; Era: FH 1980’s

13 – Alessandro Nesta – SS Lazio / AC Milan; Era: FH 2000’s


7 – Valentino Mazzola – FC Torino; Era: SH 1940’s

9 – Gianni Rivera – AC Milan; Era: SH 1960’s

14 – Marco Tardelli – Juventus FC; Era: SH 1970’s

15 – Miguel Andreolo – FC Bologna; Era: SH 1930’s

19 – Sandro Mazzola – FC Internazionale; Era: SH 1960’s

21 – Andrea Pirlo – AC Milan / Juventus FC; Era: SH 2000’s & FH 2010’s

22Giacomo Bulgarelli – FC Bologna; Era: FH 1960’s


10 – Roberto Baggio – Juventus FC; Era: FH 1990’s

11 – Giuseppe Meazza ★ – FC Internazionale; Era: FH 1930’s

16 – Raimundo Orsi – Juventus FC; Era: FH 1930’s

17 – Luigi Riva – Cagliari Calcio; Era: SH 1960’s

18 – Silvio Piola – SS Lázio; Era: SH 1930’s

20Francesco Totti – AS Roma; Era: FH 2000’s



Italy XI


ItalyVittorio Pozzo – Era: SH 1930’s


(1)Luis Monti is also a legible choise to be in the squad and also played for Italy NT in his peak years, however he played more games and internationals competitions for Argentina NT;

(2) – Omar Sívori is also a legible choise to be in the squad and also played for Italy NT in his peak years, however he played more games for Argentina NT;

UPDATED AT: 18 – 10 – 2017


12 thoughts on “Italy”

  1. aqui, temos versões bem similares, não há muito a fazer sobre Itália, junto com Inglaterra as poucas europeias que não perdem muitos sem naturalizados/origens.

    1. É uma equipa fantástica. Uma das minha preferidas. No PES apesar da defesa tem dos ataques mais perigosos, imprevisíveis e eficazes de todas as equipas.

      1. sim, de facto. sugiro uma formação 4-4-2 com losango no meio-campo, a Itália já jogou assim, ou 4-4-2 aberto como em 2006. veja minha versão.

      2. Bem, falando nisso quando faço o onze inicial de uma equipa, não me passa pela cabeça o onze mais usado ou o mais bem sucedido.

        Faço o onze apontando extrair o máximo de potencialidade dos jogadores que constituem a equipa. É a potencialidade dos jogadores que define o melhor onze.

        As melhores armas que a Itália tem é a defesa e o contra-ataque.

      3. certo. eu faço a formação mais “clássica”, a que tem a característica da equipe, que combine.

  2. Update to get a more balanced squad:

    OUT – Cannavaro, Combi and Bulgarelli;
    IN – Zenga, Monzeglio (only one from the squad that is a true RB) and Andreolo (rated as one of best DM in the world at his peak);

  3. great work and great team but my vision is removed
    Giancarlo Antognoni replaced with Bruno Conti

    1. Before your comment, i’ve just update the squad by removing Andreolo and Conti and add Bulgarelli and Totti. To be honest maybe I overstimated Andreolo.

      I just found that Conti was elected in a Italy best XI of all time by Guerin Sportivo in 1994, and (looking for Ballon’ D’or results) despite Antognoni have a more consistent carrer, Conti’s peak years (early 80’s) was superior to any season of giancarlo, so I must agree with your suggestions.

      Antognoni OUT, Conti IN.

      In the next days I will add the XI.

  4. I don’t agree with you in the decission of restricting the capability only to one NT, but players like Sívori, for example, who played for Italian NT due to Musollini’s and fascism’s power, shoud have Italian NT as 2nd NT and not as 1st, except case their participation for their Ius Solis/Ius Sanguinis NT were insignificant, as Andreolo.

  5. bruno conti ?????

    conti in – take out bulgarelli , andreolo or orsi

    italy best eleven
    bergomi nesta baresi maldini
    rivera v.mazzola
    conti meazza baggio

    1. Naming Conti for the best XI is a little harshting when we looking for Orsi or Piola (as example) that researched a way better peak than him.

      I trend to agree that Buffon > Zoff.

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