1 – Juan Valdivieso – Alianza Lima; Era: FH 1930’s

12 – Rafael Asca – Sporting Cristal; Era: SH 1950’s

22 – José Soriano – CA Banfield (Argentina) / River Plate (Argentina); Era: FH 1940’s


2 – Jaime Duarte – Alianza Lima; Era: SH 1970’s

3 – Júlio Meléndez – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina); Era: SH 1960’s

4 – Héctor Chumpitaz – Universitario; Era: FH 1970’s

5 – Rubén Díaz – Sporting Cristal; Era: FH 1980’s

15 – Nicolás Fuentes – Universitario; Era: SH 1960’s

16 – Guillermo Delgado – Alianza Lima; Era: SH 1950’s


6 – José Velásquez – Alianza Lima; Era: SH 1970’s

7 – César Cueto – Alianza Lima / Atlético Nacional (Colombia); Era: SH 1970’s

8 – Segundo Castillo – Sport Boys; Era: SH 1930’s

10 – Teófilo Cubillas  – Alianza Lima; Era: FH 1970’s

14 – Víctor Benítez – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina) / AC Milan (Italy); Era: FH 1960’s

17Nolberto Solano – Newcastle United (England); Era: FH 2000’s

19 – Júlio César Uribe – Sporting Cristal / Cagliari Calcio (Italy); Era: FH 1980’s

23 – Alberto Terry – Universitario; Era: FH 1950’s


9 – Teodoro Fernández – Universitario; Era: SH 1930’s

11 – Juan Joya – CA Peñarol (Uruguay); Era: FH 1960’s

13 – Óscar Gómez Sánchez – Alianza Lima; Era: FH 1950’s

18 – Valeriano López – Sport Boys; Era: SH 1940’s

20 – Hugo Sotil – Deportivo Municipal; Era: FH 1970’s

21 – Juan Seminario – Sporting CP (Portugal) / Real Zaragoza (Spain); Era: FH 1960’s



Peru XI


peruMarcos Calderón – Era: FH 1970’s

UPDATED AT: 28 – 05 – 2017


8 thoughts on “Peru”

  1. Very nice list, the 23 men listed are hard to argue against.

    I just change the formation for two reasons:
    – Perú didn’t used to played like that.
    – Any of the wingers will cover the flanks at defensive phase.


    1. Hello, Msioux75!! I’m a big fan of you. I enjoy read your posts at Bigsoccer. Be wellcome.

      About the formation, Is true that I didn’t adapt classic Peru with formation that used to play. That applies to all teams. The main intentions is build the best XI as possible.

  2. castillo out – challe in
    gomez sanchez out – oblitas in
    valeriano lopez out – pizarro in

    11 titulares
    solano benitez chumpitaz fuentes
    velasquez cueto
    sotil lolo cubillas

    1. I will keep castillo and lopez. Both research an interesting peak.

      I still have doubts about my inclusion of gómez sánchez. There are others good options for the squad.

      Good XI, (althought the absence of Meléndez) I enjoyed 🙂

  3. one question, why do you think valeriano lopez is so important?

    maybe I read the same things as you did he did not accomplished anything so important, here in peru sometimes i spoke with old people asking them about valeriano, they told me valeriano was a great striker , good header … but nothing more … you know,

    they told me lolo fernandez was better a very complete player and also he was important in the national team , about pizarro he is the most succesful peruvian football player abroad, he is 40 and he is still playing in the bundesliga

    i think pizarro should be considered.

    challe was a fan of castillo, titina was his teacher coach, but i think challe was a key player for the qualification to world cup 1970 and in the world cup , on the other hand titina castillo was important in berlin 1936, but dont forget peru played with its A-team and the europeans played with amateurs.

    that is my impression , by the way very nice forum.

    1. Valeriano is regarded as one of best foward in South America in his peak. Although that a very good call for Pizarro.

      I have access to a extent (and amazing) job done by a big expert of Peruan football. He didn’t consider Pizarro superior to López (for me is very close) or Challe superior to Castillo.

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