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1 – Sergio Livingstone – Universidad Católica / Racing Club (Argentina); Era: FH 1940’s

12 – Roberto Rojas – Colo-Colo / São Paulo FC (Brazil); Era: SH 1980’s

13 – Claudio Bravo – Real Sociedad (Spain) / FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: FH 2010’s


2 – Luis Eyzaguirre – Universidad de Chile; Era: FH 1960’s

3 – Alberto Quintano – Universidad de Chile; Era: SH 1960’s

4 – Antonio Arias – Unión Española; Era: FH 1970’s

5 – Elías Figueroa  – CA Peñarol (Uruguay) / SC Internacional (Brazil); Era: FH 1970’s

15 – Mario Galindo – Colo-Colo; Era: SH 1970’s

20 – Ulises Poirier – La Cruz; Era: FH 1920’s

21 – Fernando Astengo – Colo-colo / Grêmio FBPA (Brazil); Era: SH 1980’s


6 – Eladio Rojas – Everton; Era: SH 1950’s

8 – Arturo Vidal – Bayer 04 (Germany) / Juventus FC (Italy); Era: FH 2010’s

10 – Enrique Hormazábal – Colo-Colo; Era: SH 1950’s

16 – Jaime Pizarro – Colo-Colo; Era: SH 1980’s

18 – Francisco Valdés – Colo-Colo; Era: FH 1970’s

22 – Rúben Marcos – Universidad de Chile; Era: SH 1960’s

23 – Raúl Toro – Santiago Wanderers / Santiago Morning; Era: SH 1930’s


7 – Leonel Sánchez – Universidad de Chile; Era: FH 1960’s

9 – Iván Zamorano – Real Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 1990’s

11 – Marcelo Salas – CA River Plate (Argentina) / SS Lázio; Era: SH 1990’s

14 – Carlos Caszely – RCD Espanyol (Spain) / Colo-Colo; Era: SH 1970’s

17 – Alexis Sánchez – Udinese Calcio (Italy) / FC Barcelona (Spain) / Arsenal FC (England); Era: FH 2010’s

19George Robledo – Newcastle United (England) / Colo-Colo; Era: FH 1950’s




chileFernando Riera – Era: FH 1960’s

UPDATED AT: 08 – 01 – 2018


29 thoughts on “Chile”

  1. Alexis Sanchez???? Vidal yes, but A. Sánchez???? is better Patricio Yañez or Alberto Fouillioux even Jorge Robledo or Osvaldo Castro. By the way, you misspelled, is Ignacio PRIETO not is Pietro.

  2. Formation:
    –Hormazábal ———————Sanchez—-

  3. Great team I would add to Ignacio Prieto in defense!
    By the way, Antonio Arias was a side defense specialist, the best specialist in Chile’s history in that position, but Jaime Pizarro is a monumental figure, he was multifunctional, he played as DM, box to box, side midfielders or lefty full back

      1. Rubén Marcos was lefty box to box (as Vidal). Vidal-Marcos is perfect double. Pizarro was DM, box to box, but in Colo Colo 92 and U. Católica was lefty full back. Pizarro by Arias is good idea, however Arias was a specialist in position. Are options, it is a matter of taste.

    1. That’s very interesting. Can I use your references to make an update in chilean teams?

  4. My friend I believe that George Robledo is > Alexis Sánchez and Carlos Reinoso is a bit more essential that Jorge Toro. Jorge Aravena is other important missing. There are more quality players, like Jaime Ramirez Banda, David Pizarro, Patricio Yañez, David Arellano, Francisco Molina, Osvaldo Castro, Alberto Fouillioux but 23 is ok.

    1. I accept suggestions and maybe the two Toros can be out, specially Jorge. Alexis will stay in the team in any case, Robledo was really close to be in the main squad. Aravena and Fouillioux was also close, but the midfielder section is a bit hard to decide.

      I was looking for your link and, yeah, maybe I will retire Jorge Toro and add Reinoso. Is not a bad idea.

      1. My friend not move to Raul Toro Julio, he is best chilean player after of Figueroa.
        If Elías Figueroa is N° 1, after follow group of Enrique Hormazábal, Leonel Sánchez and Raúl Toro on equal level.

        Jorge Toro was very good, but Carlos Reinoso is considered the best foreign footballer of Mexican league. Maximum historical player of the club América de México.

      2. Raúl Toro stay in the team. Reinoso and Robledo can be added to the squad.

        Jorge Toro for sure that will be moved. The other player that can be moved is Valdés.

      3. Forget my idea. I will keep Valdés.

        Jorge Toro OUT; Reinoso IN.

      4. Good choice of keep to Francisco Valdés, heis immovable, it may be necessary to “sacrifice” of Mario Galindo to put Jorge Robles. Robledo is essential.

      5. That’s hard, I must admit. I prefer make direct trades (a foward for a foward).

        But since that i’m thinking about it… maybe one of those defender for Robledo is not a bad idea, Jaime Pizarro also plays as LB, Poirier is option for CB and LB. There’s good alternatives in the squad for Left Back and Centre Back Position. Maybe Astengo.

      6. Astengo has a great reputation among sports journalists in Chile. Unfortunately his career was truncated by the maracanazo of 1989 that punished Chile in the world cups of 1990 and 1994.
        Between Robledo, Astengo, Pizarro and Galindo I discard to Galindo. He was still a better racer than Antonio Arias, but Arias is irreplaceable on the left. On the other hand, Jaime Pizarro was DM, but also played as full back in the club Catholic University and as side mid in Colo Colo 91.

      7. If I retire Galindo, the only Right Back of the squad will be Eyzaguirre. And that´s right about Astengo, he was really good at his peak.

        Hard to decide… For now I will keep the squad.

      8. A option is take out to Eladio Rojas by George Robledo. Jaime Pizarro is DM and Marco or Vidal also maybe in this position. Incluso maybe Eladio Rojas by David Arellano that was left Insider in the ofensive mid attack.

      9. These are my opinions, because your list is very well and if you do not want to change I respect your work 🙂

  5. I speaked of Carlos Reinoso, Jorge Aravena like the most needed, but I also want to tell the story of David Arrellano (maximum historical player of Colo Colo). He was a scorer in the South American championship of 1926 (Copa América), but died early in the year 27 on a tour of Europe. David Arrellano was the maximum figueroa of the Chilean soccer, even by about the greant Ulysses Poirier who was the captain. David Arellano died young and could not go to the 1930 World Cup. He played as an insider, only comparable to Leonel Sanchez or Jorge Aravena.

  6. My friend, Carlos Reinoso is very important, he is considered the best foreign footballplayer in the history of the Mexican league. Eladio Rojas was an elegant and very technical MD with a great finish, but Reinoso is indispensable.

    1. To add Robledo to the squad, I decide retire Reinoso. Despite of being a great player, it’s also true that I interpretate him as the most weak offensive element of the squad.

      He is regarded as the best foreign player of Mexican League, but is very strange since that he never was mencionated in any single edition in the Mexican Balón de Oro awards (neither best player or midfielder). It didn’t work on his favor. I can’t retire a MD to add him.

      I’m sorry to say it, but retire Reinoso was a relatively easy decision. Reinoso would be a more suitable option for reserve squad.

      I say it again, I’m sorry but I don’t see reasons to update the squad at the moment.

      1. Hugo Sánchez says: “Unfortunately I had problems with Cabinho, my teammate in Pumas, because I said publicly what I feel, because you have to be fair in life, and this mister, I have said publicly, is the best foreigner that arrived to this country (Mexico). Min 2:12-2:27 Source:

        In fact, during the first 3 minutes each and every one of the Mexican journalists at the table, recognized to Carlos Reinoso as the best foreigner in the history of the league in his country.

      2. I’m sorry, but no. Also being the best foreign player ever in a competition like Mexican league is not a really big achievement.

        The decision is done.

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