1 – Efraín Sánchez – Independiente Medellín; Era: SH 1950’s

12 – René Higuita – Atlético Nacional; Era: FH 1990’s

22 – Óscar Córdoba – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina) / Besiktas JK (Turkey); Era: FH 2000’s


2 – Iván Córdoba – FC Internazionale (Italy); Era: FH 2000’s

3 – Mário Yépes – CA River Plate (Argentina) / AS Nancy (France) / Paris SG (France); Era: FH 2000’s

4 – Luis Fernando Herrera – Atlético Nacional; Era: FH 1990’s

5 – Francisco Zuluaga – CD los Millonários; Era: FH 1950’s

6Arturo Segovia – CD los Millonários; Era: FH 1970’s

15 – Jorge Bermúdez – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina); Era: SH 1990’s

17 – Diego León Osório – Atlético Nacional; Era: FH 1990’s


10 – Carlos Valderrama – Deportivo Cali; Era: SH 1980’s

14 – Leonel Álvarez – Atlético Nacional / Deportivo Cali; Era: FH 1990’s

18 – Mauricio Serna – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina); Era: SH 1990’s

19 – Freddy Rincón – SC Corinthians (Brazil); Era: SH 1990’s

20 – James Rodríguez – FC Porto (Portugal) / AS Mónaco (France) / Real Madrid CF (Spain); Era: FH 2010’s

21 – Juan Cuadrado – FC Juventus (Italy); Era: SH 2010’s

23 – Jairo Arboleda – Deportivo Cali; Era: FH 1970’s


7 – Willington Ortiz – CD los Millonários; Era: SH 1970’s

8 – Delio Gamboa – CD Oro (Mexico) / CD los Millonarios; Era: FH 1960’s

9 – Radamel Falcao – FC Porto (Portugal) / Atlético Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 2010’s

11 – Faustino Asprilla – Atlético Nacional / Parma FC (Italy); Era: FH 1990’s

13 – Adolfo Valencia – Independiente Santa Fé / FC Bayern Munchen (Germany); Era: FH 1990’s

16 – Arnoldo Iguarán – CD los Millonários; Era: SH 1980’s



Colombia XI


Francisco Maturana – Era: SH 1980’s

José Pekerman – Era: FH 2010’s

UPDATED AT: 06 – 10 – 2018


33 thoughts on “Colombia”

  1. Meus 23
    Goleiros 1 Óscar Córdoba, 12 Rene Higuita e 22 Faryd Mondragon

    Defensores 2 Ivan Córdoba, 3 Mario Yepes, 14 Arturo Segovia, 17 Pablo Armero, 13 Andres Escobar, 5 Francisco Zuluaga e 4 Luís Herrera

    Meio campo 6 Leonel Álvarez, 10 Carlos Valderrama, 19 Freddy Rincon, 18 Maurício Serna, 23 Jairo Arboleda, 20 James Rodriguez e 8 Alejandro Brand

    Atacantes 7 Willington Ortiz, 11 Faustino Asprilla, 9 Radamel Falcão, 21 Delio Gamboa, 15 Victor Aristizabal e 16 Arnoldo Iguaran

    1. Formação

      O. Córdoba
      I. Córdoba



      1. Boa equipa. Não tenho muitas abstenções.

        Estou curioso apenas quanto a Efraín Sánchez. Algum motivo quanto à sua ausência? (Não que discorde com a escolha de Córdoba – aceito muito bem, ele nos seus melhores anos era considerado dos melhores da América do Sul)

  2. Deixei como quarta opção. Estava na dúvida entre ele, Mondragon e Zape. Pela terceira vaga. Decidi através de um amigo do grupo.

    1. Tranquilo.

      Digo isso porque Sánchez é cotado como o melhor GK colombiano de sempre.

  3. I have two Colombian team is:

    1° team:

    J.G.Cuadrado———I.R. Córdoba———-F.Zuluaga—————-D.L.Osorio

    —————————————-L Álvarez——————————————

    ———————–Valderrama—————-James R.—————————-

    —Willington Ortiz——————F. Asprilla———————–Delio Gamboa

    Variant team (Classical 4-2-2-2 Colombian system with the great duo Rincón-Valderrama) :

    ——————————————E. Sánchez——————————————–

    J.G.Cuadrado———–I.R. Córdoba———-F.Zuluaga—————-D.L.Osorio

    ————————–L Álvarez——————-M. Serna—————————-

    ——————————————F. Rincón——————————————–

    —————————R.Falcao—————–F. Asprilla——————————

    By the way mate, it’s a great work

    1. Hmmm, Cuadrado as RB. Did he usually played as RB both in Colombia and Juve? I always rate in as Side Midfielder. In that point was Osório also an legible choice for Left Wing Back or Left Side Midfielder?

      I’m saying that because I have intentions to update the team, adding a new XI, for a 3-4-3 maybe.

      1. Colombia between the 90s and 2000s played with a system 3-5-2, but is necessary a quality stopper to accompany Cordoba.
        I want to recommend you to Delio Gamboa. He was the best Colombian player of the 60’s. In the 1962 World Cup he played only one game, the frist, because the Uruguayans players injured him.

      2. I would add a new XI and Gamboa easily. The new XI would be like this:

        Sánchez / Córdoba; Zuluaga; Yépes / Cuadrado; Álvarez; Osório; Valderrama / Falcao; Ortiz; Asprilla

        About Gamboa I will add in the team for sure, now I must decide between Arboleda, Humberto Álvarez, Cañón, Redin, Iguarán, Brand and Valencia. Is not really easy.

        In the next days, I will update the team. For now, I can’t.

  4. Mate, Alejandro Brand and Bernardo Redín are two great players to consider.
    The Redín you have chosen in Deportivo Cali team and Brand chosen in the Millonarios team.

    1. I must admit that was a big challenge decide between Redín, Aborleda, Brand, Gamboa, Cañón, Iguarán, Valenciano, etc. There are too many goods midfielders and fowards to decide…

      I will take yours XIs as reference.

      Also, please, tell me: Is Armero a good choice?? I have my own doubts.

      1. Pablo Armero is the lefty full back that has the most games in the Colombian national team. Many sources say the best in that position was Diego León Osorio, others say the best was Wilmer Perez. The discussion is not definitive.

      2. He have a very irregular carrer, despite of his international carrer. And with those references about Osório and Pérez, being honest, I will retire Armero.

  5. Mate, I share your decision to remove Pablo Armero, I think that Cuadrado can be both accepted and criticized in the work of fullback, Cañón can go in the category of midfielders (was creative midfielder) and Delio Gamboa should be on the list, at least of sulente. Finally James Rodriguez was member of the “stars team” of 2014 world cup and must occupy a starting position … it is my humble opinion my friend, you work is a reference for my! 🙂

  6. As left stopper in line of 3 Luis Amaranto Perea has experience, was the foreing that more games played by Atletico Madrid in the history.

    1. There’s no love for Asprilla? 😀

      I’ve some time to make a draft post of the new squad. 19 players have already decided:

      -> Sánchez; Ó. Cordoba; Higuita
      -> Zuluaga; Yépes; I. Córdoba; Osório; Segovia; Herrera
      -> Leonel Álvarez; Valderrama; James; Cuadrado; Rincón
      -> Falcao; Gamboa; Ortíz; Asprilla; Iguarán

      Is needed 1 centre back, 1 Defensive Midfielder and 2 Fowards/Offensive Midfielders.

      To be honest, I have to considerate some factors about Bermúdez and Serna. I know that both have been named to South America best XI 3 times, but it’s important remember that it refer to the best players playing in South America only, not in overall. I’m not saying that both are bads, but is important understand if both would be in the real South America Best XI.

      Not only Luis Amaranto Perea is a interesting choice, but also Carlos Alberto Sánchez.

      1. Asprilla is = or > that R.Falcao, G but he is not lefty wing.

        My friend, in South America Serna and Bermúdez have prestigious, also they played in Boca Juniors multi-champion.

        What is your opinion about this? :

        PD: The best specialist “full back” in the history of Colombia is without a doubt, but without a doubt Luis Fernando “choto” Herrera.
        Arturo Segovia also is very good.

      2. I must admit that I prefer Henry Caicedo above Bermúdez, but that’s a personal choice. I’ve some time to make a short research and from references that I’ve watched is about 50% – 50% between Bermúdez and Caicedo. I’m also a member of a page about classic football in Facebook, and recently we did Colombia AS (decided by votes) and Bermúdez isn’t named even in reserves (Andrés Escobar have won the place). Serna also isn’t named to reserves, but it’s important a DM to get a balanced squad.

        I like your XI, but for a midfielder with 3 elements, it can be Valderrama, Rincón and Álvarez. Your 3-2-3-2 is interesting, but I still think that the best frontline possible is Asprilla, Falcao and Ortiz.

        Stats means nothing for me, I rate players by his peak years. 🙂

        Now decide the midfielder/foward is hard. I think that the fowards list that ‘ve listed is really fine. For a offensive midfielder, there’s a lot of good options: Arboleda, Umaña, Brand, etc.

        I’ve just deleted the XI. Next Sartuday or Sunday, I will add a new XI.

  7. My friend, regarding Jorge Bermudez I think it should not be forgotten.
    In South America he was symbol and belonged to the Boca Juniors multi-champion
    (In fact he was the captain). It was included in the historic 11
    Of the “Copa Libertadores” by popular vote where also stand out two other Colombians elected, Oscar Córdoba and Antony de Ávila.
    I am Chilean, there are no Chileans in that team, but if you affirm the fact
    Which Bermudez has popular prestige.

    On the other hand Bermudez is a stable journalist in FOX sport.
    He is always flattered and acknowledged by his peers.
    Bermudez did not play the 2001 Copa América for differences with the coach
    He openly resigned his national team.
    But Bermudez was part of other Significant achievements as the classification to France 98, and three America cup, 99, 97 and 95

    1. My friend, I’ve added Bermúdez in the squad before read your recents comments. 🙂 Don’t worry.

      Good XI, even when I don’t like XI decided by popular votes.

  8. My friend here I bring the historical 11
    of Colombia of “colombia digital” Newspaper
    I highlight the the mid “Edgar Mallarino” and the organizers of “2015 Copa America” did a survey:

    Here Colombia NT by World cup qualifiers 58-2014

    1. I’ve saw those links before, but anyway thanks. The squad is already decided and updated. The only change that I accept is remove Caicedo for one more foward.

      The XI is added and squad numbers are updated. I know that is different from what I told you before in comments, but recently I decided that Rincón should be in the XI, and in this way there’s no space for side midfielders, since that I keep the FAO frontline (Falcao – Asprilla – Ortíz).

      1. Very good eleven!!! It was a difficult problem is a good solution.
        Rincón must be on the starting team.
        In the reserve there are good players, Caicedo and Osorio are very good, but Colombia has more tradition in forwards.
        Is need Adolfo Valencia, Iván René Valenciano, Albeiro Usuriaga, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, Antony de Ávila!!! They are at the same level, but they are more the forwards than defenses that are out on the list.
        On mid is equal Alfonso Cañón, Bernardo Redín, Marcos Coll, Alejandro Brand, Diego E. Umaña, et all player of great level.

      2. Hard to choice again, I must admit that Redín is the most interesting of those players, but the main intention is add a foward.

        I have no idea who I should add between Valencia, Valenciano, Ávila. About Aristizábal and Usuriaga, I’m skeptical.

        I will make a research and looking for South America FotY and other references, to understand who from those have a better peak.

  9. My list 😉

    GK –
    1. Efraín Sánchez
    2. René Higuita
    3. Oscar Córdoba
    4. Pedro Antonio Zape
    5. Faryd Mondragón
    6. Carlos Navarro Montoya
    7. Gabriel Ochoa Uribe.
    8. Julio Gaviria
    9. David Ospina
    10. Miguel Calero
    11. Eduardo Niño
    12. Otoniel Quintana
    13. Juan Carlos Henao
    14. Carlos Montaño
    15. Luis Largacha

    FB (right) –
    1.Luis Fernando Herrera
    2.Arturo Segovia
    3.Jaime González
    4.Hugo Valencia
    5.Camilo Zuñiga
    6.Wilmer Cabrera
    7.Gerardo Moncada
    8.Gerson González
    9.Alberto Gamero
    10.Daniel Bocanegra
    11.Efraín Castillo
    12.Joaquin Sánchez
    13.Gonzalo Martínez.

    CD (libero) –
    1.Francisco Zuluaga
    2.Mario Alberto Yepes
    3.Andrés Escobar
    4.Miguel Escobar
    5.Oscar López
    6.Julio Edgar Gaviria
    7.Gabrie Berdugo
    8.Norberto Molina
    9.Francisco Maturana
    10.Alexis Mendoza
    11.Astolfo Romero
    12.Aquivaldo Mosquera.

    CD (stopper) –
    1.Iván Ramiro Córdoba
    2.Jorge Bermúdez
    3.Henry Caicedo
    4.Luis Amaranto Perea
    5.Miguel Augusto Prince
    6.Luis Eduardo Reyes
    7.Luis Carlos Perea
    8.Ignacio Calle
    9.Luis Eduardo Soto
    10.Ricardo Diaz
    11.Anibal Alzate.

    FB (left) –
    1.Diego León Osorio
    2.Wilson Pérez
    3.Héctor Echeverri
    4.Oscar Bolaño
    5.Pablo Armero
    6.Jesús Rubio
    7.Carlos Mario Hoyos
    8.Alonso López
    9.Fernando Castro
    10.Gerardo Bedoya
    11.Jorge Porras
    12.Gildardo Gómez
    13.Carlos Aponte
    14.Farid Díaz.

    DMF –
    1.Leonel Alvarez
    2.Mauricio Serna
    3.Eduardo Pimentel
    4.Hermenegildo Segrera
    5.Gonzalo González
    6.Eduardo Retat
    7.Jaime Silva
    8.Domingo González
    9.Pedro Sarmiento
    10.Oscar Ramos
    11.Oswaldo Calero.

    CMF –
    1.Fredy Rincón
    2.Bernardo Redín
    3. Marcos Coll
    4.Juan Cuadrado
    5.Harold Lozano
    6.Mario Agudelo
    7.Norberto Peluffo
    8.Rolando Serrano
    9.Alexis García
    10.Fredy Grisales
    11.Germán González
    12.Fabian Vargas
    13.Misael Flórez.

    AMF –
    1.Carlos Valderrama
    2.James Rodríguez
    3.Jairo Arboleda
    4.Alejandro Brand
    5.Alfonso Cañon
    6.Humberto Alvarez
    7.Edgar Domínguez
    8.Diego Edison Umaña
    9.Alfredo Arango
    10.Alex Escobar
    11.Hernán Dario Herrera
    12.Giovany Hernández
    13. Bernardo Valencia
    14. Macnelly Torres.

    FW (right) –
    1.Willington Ortiz
    2.Anthony de Avila
    3.Ernesto Díaz
    4.Carlos Enrique Estrada
    5.Carlos Arango Medina
    6.Miguel Guerrero
    7.Hernán Aceros
    8.Angel Maria Torres
    9.Alejandro Carrillo

    FW and ST –
    1.Faustino Asprilla
    2.Arnoldo Iguaran
    3.Radamel Falcao García
    4.Adolfo Valencia
    5.Iván René Valenciano
    6.Víctor Aristizabal
    7.Albeiro Usuriaga
    8.Miguel Borja
    9.Juan Pablo Angel
    10.Jorge Ramírez Gallego
    11.Jaime Gutierrez
    12.Teófilo Gutiérrez
    13.Marino Klinger
    14.Eduardo Emilio Villarete
    15.Sergio Angulo
    16.Jose Antonio Rada
    17. Jorge Ramirez
    18.Eusebio Escobar.

    FW (left) –
    1.Delio Gamboa
    2.Jaime Morón
    3.Héctor González
    4.Rubén Dario Hernández
    5.John Jairo Trellez
    6.Julio Aragón
    7.Víctor Campaz
    8.Alex Valderrama
    9.Uriel Cadavid
    10.Orlando Maturana.

    1. When I have more time, I will use your list to update the colombians teams. Make those all star teams was a challenge for me. 🙂

    2. I want to correct and put Oscar López “el mariscal” as the second best CD (libero) on my list, so that you can also study and consider it, my friend.

      1. Didn’t know him, but is very hard find a spot for him. He is, maybe, more suitable for a squad “B”.

  10. My friend Jorge Bermudez is a classic player of multichampion Boca Juniors the captain of this team.

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