1 – José Luís Chilavert – Vélez Sarsfield (Argentina); Era: SH 1990’s

12 – Roberto Fernández – Deportivo Cali (Colombia) / Cerro Porteño; Era: SH 1980’s

22 – Sinforiano García – CR Flamengo (Brazil); Era: FH 1950’s


2 – Francisco “Chiqui” Arce – SE Palmeiras (Brazil); Era: SH 1990’s

3 – Juan Torales – Libertad; Era: FH 1980’s

4 – Carlos Gamarra – Cerro Porteño / SC Internacional (Brazil) / SC Corinthians (Brazil) / Atlético Madrid (Spain); Era: SH 1990’s

5 – Heriberto Herrera – Club Nacional Assuncíon / Atlético Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 1950’s

13 – Claudio Morel Rodríguez – CA Boca Juniors (Argentina); Era: SH 2000’s

16 – Rogelio Delgado – Club Olimpia; Era: SH 1980’s

21 – Juan Lezcano – Club Olimpia; Era: SH 1950’s


6 – Modesto Bría – Club Nacional / Flamengo (Brazil); Era: FH 1940’s

7 – Romerito – NY Cosmos (United States) / Fluminense (Brazil); Era: FH 1980’s

8 – Manuel Fleitas Solich – Club Nacional Assuncíon; Era: FH 1920’s

10 – Aurélio González – Club Olimpia; Era: SH 1920’s

14 – Francisco Reyes – CR Flamengo (Brazil); Era: FH 1970’s

20 – Roberto Acuña – Real Zaragoza (Spain); Era: FH 2000’s

23 – Hugo Talavera – Club Olimpia; Era: SH 1970’s


9 – Arsenio Erico ★  CA Independiente (Argentina); Era: SH 1930’s

11 – Eulogio Martínez – Libertad / FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: SH 1950’s (1)

15 – Saturnino Arrúa – Cerro Porteño; Era: FH 1970’s

17 – Delfín Benítez – Libertad / CA Boca Juniors (Argentina); Era: FH 1930’s

18 – Cayetano – FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: FH 1960’s

19 – José Cardozo – Toluca (Mexico); Era: FH 2000’s



Paraguay XI


paraguayManuel Fleitas Solich – Era: SH 1940’s


(1) – Even played for Spain NT in his peak years, I also rate Eulógio Martínez as paraguayan due of his Jus Soli condition, and since that he played for Paraguay NT and doesn’t have space in Spain NT;

UPDATED AT: 02 – 07 – 2018


27 thoughts on “Paraguay”

  1. Queria saber tua opinião acerca de Juan Manuel Battaglia. Alguns fóruns o colocam entre “reservas” de um All-Stars Paraguaio.

    Qualidade pra entrar creio que sim, mas não tem um peso histórico na seleção.

    Na Wiki poderia entrar no lugar de Hugo Talavera, talvez.

    O que achas ?

    1. Está nas reservas assim como muitos, se estivesse mais cotado, ou seja presente numa equipa de 23 eu já levava outra consideração.

      1. Ok. Há casos semelhantes a esse em outras seleções, eu fico em duvidas porque qualidade individual ele tem, só não tem histórico.

        Acho uma opção possível, vou rever.

  2. Is need Francisco S. Reyes, best player by point (” magazine Placar”) of Brazilian Tournament in 1970, I reiterate best player of brazil 1970!!!!!

    1. That’s a good suggestion, but I don’t think that is necessary one more centre back.

      This squad had already 5: Gamarra, Ayala, Herrera, Lezcano e Delgado. That’s enough, but give me some time to make a research.

      For this squad is needed one side back. And I accept suggestions.

      1. Friend, Paraguay’s historic football style is the defensive style. 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-4-2 diamond in defense. They are the Italy of America, is a very technical soccer own of South America, but very defensive. Great historical defensive lines of paraguay were: D. Caniza, C. Ayala, Gamarra, F. Arce of 1998; Olmedo, Herrera – Gavilán, Leguizamón, Hermosilla, 1953.

        By the way, Heriberto Herrera MUST be titular player.

        1).- Erico
        2).- Romerito
        3).- Heriberto Herrera

      2. I don’t take seriously historical football styles for each countries. I make the line-ups focused in the best XI possible with the best players. Who decides the XI is the quality of the players.

        I can add Herrera on the XI replacing Lezcano. I also can replace one/two fowards listed in the squad for a defense or defensive midfielder, but I have no idea who I should replace.

  3. Friend, I want to share my list of Paraguayan players with you and your thread:

    1).- Erico
    2).- Chilavert
    3).- Heriberto Herrera (best player of América in South American Tournament of 1953)
    4).- Romerito

    My Central Back list of historical Paraguayan players:

    1).- Heriberto Herrera
    2).- Carlos Gamarra
    3).- Rogelio Delgado
    4).- Francisco Reyes
    5).- Juan V. Lezcano
    6).- Manuel Gavilán
    7).- Celso Ayala
    8).- Ignacio Achúcarro
    9).- Darío Segovia
    10).- Denis Caniza
    11).- César Zabala
    12).- Paulo Da Silva

    Fulla back

    1).- Francisco Arce
    3).- Florencio Amarilla
    2).- Juan B. Torales
    4).- Alicio Solalinde
    5).- Virgionio Cáceres
    6).- Vladimiro Schettina

    1. Florencio Amarilla is as a wide midfielder, and Juan V. Lezcano, Francisco Reyes and Rogelio Delgado are of the same level! Mate, this my simple opinion.

      1. Thank you very much!

        Suprise me a lot about your position for Ayala. Is he overestimated? I’m just asking. He was named as 17th best south american player in 1996 and 4th in 1997, but course that is not impressive comparating with Chilavert, Gamarra and Arce.

        I will retire Carlos Diarte to add one of those sidebacks. I will research more about it and add a new XI in the next days.

    2. can you post the whole list of paraguay?For the other south america country,like chile 、peru、Colombia,l can find the whole list of their football star and know the level between each other;but only for paraguay,I can’t find more information about their players… who is the best dmf in this country?who is the best cmf in this cuntry?who is the best lwf in this country?… I only know some true star in this country,but it’s not enough…so please

  4. My friend, I think Francisco Reyes is very necessary in this list.
    Florencio Amarilla, if there is room, should go in the midfield.
    It is my humble opinion and I applaud your work.

    1. Ok, you convinced me. Ayala OUT, Reyes IN.

      I will chance the XI for a 4-2-2-2: Chilavert; Arce, Herrera, Gamarra, Torales; Solich, Bría, González, Romerito; Erico, Martínez.

      I’ve just delete the XI. In the next days I will publish the new one.

      From your list of side-backs can you show in what side they usually played. You have only show me that Amarilla played for left side. And he was like Ramiro Ramírez? I didn’t found good informations.

      1. My friend it is very good comparison Florencio Amarilla-Ramiro Ramirez.
        This Paraguayan player had many mark and defense skills,
        But in the system of his time he played as wing, in the side retracted.
        Today Florencio Amarilla would be an wide midfielder or wingback.
        In the time of the 50s, Florencia Amarilla looked like Felix Loustau.

        By the way, very good team from Paraguay.

  5. Mate, Raúl Vicente Amarilla is more important that Florencio Amarilla. R.V. Amarilla was best player of América 1990!

    1. I take with a huge consideration individual prizes, but all those cases must be contextualized.

      From what I’ve research about him, he has a really short peak (and even at his peak he was never capped for a NT and it is really negative). However (I don’t know) maybe he wasn’t capable to play for Paraguay NT, since that he have played for Spain U-21.

      But even at his time at Spain, he never was named to La Liga best XI, or received a particular consideration, unlike Ré who was top scorer, or Toro Acuña that was EFE winner and they are subs in this squad.

      In any case, I will keep Florencio in the squad.

      1. Yeah my friend, on the other hand, there is a super underrated player, that was multi-champion fo America with Boca Junior and San Lorenzo. He was second best soccer player of the America in 2007, despite being a simple lefty full back. He has been captain with Paraguay, it is Claudio Morel Rodriguez. I always forget him, but when I review his story, I convince myself that he is a great quality.

      2. That’s right. Was a really good and reliable left back, and like you say he is really forgotten. Good call.


    Ever Hugo Almeida OUT; Sinforiano García IN
    Florencio Amarilla OUT; Claudio Morel Rodríguez IN

    1. I can’t edit the nor delete the comment. Actually, he has 8 caps for both NTs. He has Paraguayan nationality by Ius Solis, but he got his peak years in Spain. I supose he’s elegible for Paraguayan NT according to the fact that he wouldn’t get in a Spanish XXIII.

      1. I didn’t realize that Eulogio played for Spain NT. Well remembered.

        Like exactly have you said, he is legible due of his Jus Soli, his games for Paraguay NT and the fact that would not be in Spain AS NT. Added in notes.

        Thank you.

  7. marilla made his debut in his hometown team, Sportivo Luqueño at the age of 17. Because of his scoring ability and great heading skills (he was fairly tall, 6 feet 3 inches) he soon moved to Spain and signed for Real Zaragoza. Before making his debut with Real Zaragoza, he was loaned to Racing de Santander for the 1980/81 season. Amarilla returned to Real Zaragoza where he gained success by leading the team in scoring in the 1982–83 season, finishing as the second best scorer in La Liga. Because of his success in the Spanish League, Amarilla was asked to play for the Spain national under-21 football team. He accepted the offer and this is why later in his career he was not able to play for the Paraguay national team. After several seasons with Real Zaragoza, Amarilla joined FC Barcelona between 1985 and 1988.

    Amarilla returned to Paraguay in 1988 to play for Club Olimpia de Asunción. In 1989, while playing for Olimpia he was the top scorer in the Copa Libertadores of the same year with 10 goals. For the second half of 1989 he went on loan to the popular América de Mexico football team. Despite playing for a brief period, he established himself as a fan favorite by scoring 21 goals and eventually was chosen as one of the top 100 players in Club America’s[clarification needed] history.

    He returned in 1990 to Paraguay to play again for Olimpia. In that year, he helped the team win the Copa Libertadores, the Supercopa and Recopa Sudamericana by forming the unforgettable feared attacking Olimpia trio along with Gabriel González and Adriano Samaniego. To top his great performance in the year 1990, he was voted South American Footballer of the Year.
    In 1993, he migrated to Japan and the next year, at the age of 34, he returned to Paraguay and retired from professional football by playing again in Olimpia, where he is one of the most loved former players by the fans.

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