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1 – Peter Schmeichel – Manchester United (England); Era: SH 1990’s

12 – Eigil Nielsen – Kjøbenhavns Boldklub; Era: SH 1940’s

22 – Svend Jensen – Boldklubben 1893; Era: FH 1930’s


2 – Fritz Tarp – Boldklubben 1893; Era: SH 1920’s

3 – Per Røntved – Brønshøj BK / SV Werder Bremen (Germany); Era: FH 1970’s

4 – Morten Olsen – RSC Anderlecht (Belgium); Era: FH 1980’s

5 – Jan Heintze – PSV (Netherlands); Era: SH 1980’s

6 – Thomas Helveg – Udinese Calcio (Italy); Era: FH 1990’s

13Valdemar Laursen – Kjøbenhavns Boldklub; Era: SH 1920’s

15 – Daniel Agger – Liverpool FC (England); Era: SH 2000’s


7 – Karl Aage Præst – Juventus FC (Italy); Era: FH 1950’s

10 – Michael Laudrup  FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: FH 1990’s

11Johannes Gandil – Boldklubben 1893; Era: FH 1900’s

14 – Karl Aage Hansen – Atalanta BC (Italy) / Juventus FC (Italy); Era: FH 1950’s

16Søren Lerby  AFC Ajax (Netherlands); Era: SH 1970’s

19 – Nils Middelboe – Kjøbenhavns Boldklub / Chelsea FC (England); Era: FH 1910’s

23 – Christian Eriksen – Tottenham Hotspurs (England); Era: SH 2010’s


8 – John Angelo Hansen – Juventus FC (Italy); Era: FH 1950’s

9 – Allan Simonsen – Borussia Mönchengladbach (Germany); Era: SH 1970’s

17 – Brian Laudrup – Glasgow Rangers (Scotland); Era: SH 1990’s

18 – Pauli Jørgensen – BK Frem; Era: FH 1930’s

20 – Preben Elkjær Larsen – KSC Lokeren (Belgium) / Hellas Verona (Italy); Era: FH 1980’s

21 – Niels Poul Nielsen – Kjøbenhavns Boldklub; Era: SH 1910’s



Denmark XI


GermanySepp Piontek – Era: FH 1980′

denmarkRichard Møller Nielsen – Era: FH 1990’s

UPDATED AT: 07 – 02 – 2018



16 thoughts on “Denmark”

    1. Yes. Very interesting material.

      Was mostly because of this link that I’ve decided add Eigil Nielsen to the squad, but I still needed a little update.

      I think that I can found better options than Agger and Walther Christensen (doesn’t matter how really interesting is he).

      What your idea?

      1. Instead of Walther Christensen you could put Nils Middelboe up at DMF as he played most of his career… And the free spot for a defender could either go to Johnny Hansen (Vejle/Bayern München) or Ivan Nielsen (PSV).
        About Agger, he has been a great player for Denmark the last decade and rightfully deserves a place in your team.
        Johannes Gandil only has a single game on the CV, and from a Danish viewpoint players like Dennis Rommedal, Ulrik Le Fevre, Frank Arnesen, Klaus Berggreen and Jesper Olsen are all more suitable for the squad.
        Svend Jensen was a great goalkeeper, but he will never have the same legendary status as Henry From (AGF). From only played 31 caps, but is widely regarded as one of the key figures behind the silver medal in the 1960 Olympics.
        If you ever need help with other Danish teams I’m willing to help with a Danish viewpoint 😉

      2. So, based on your words, Agger continues in the squad.

        I still prefer an offensive midfielder (or side midfielder, doesn’t matter) for the Walther’s spot.

        About Gandil, I will not retire him of the squad. I can’t blame him if he have no opportunity, because his peak was between 1895-1905, and Denmark didn’t make games on that period.

        Also Gandil was named as one of the top 10 players of his time:Список_найкращих_футболістів_за_версією_Berlin-Britz

        It offer a objective historic perspective that I can’t ignore. You may not agree, and I respect, but is how I make All Star NT. Gandil is not the only one from before 1920 that is mencionated in my NTs.

        About goalkeepers can you pick a top 5/6? Aside Schmeichel, is hard for me choise the goalkeepers.

    1. Didn’t found space for him, the same applies to Tomasson. There to many fowards.

      Obviously JA Hansen, Simonsen and Larsen are the greatest fowards from denmark, with P.Nielsen rated as top 10 players of his generation and Jorgensen have a huge legacy.

    1. For Molby, isn’t needed a third option for DM/CM role. Middelboe and Lerby are more than enough.

      Is curious because, unlike others people that build Denmark AS, I didn’t consider Arnesen that highly. I don’t see how he can worth a spot in Denmark AS. But it’s just me 🙂 . I may make some change to improve the inclusion of Arnesen.

    1. Henning Jensen is a very strange case, and I wish know better his case. If he was that really good, why he have just 20 caps for Denmark in 8 years? It is near to about 2/3 caps per year (looking in National Football Teams site). Jensen doesn’t look that indispensable for Denmark NT.

      1. I found some content said all of the great player from denmark in 70‘s,such as henning Jensen、naygarrd,include allan simonsen,if they want to play national game,they should pay by themselves。

      2. Ok, that’s very interesting. I didn’t know that. Make sense because Denmark league was amateur at the time, amateur players in NT… (I’m wrong?).

        Thank you very much for the info. I will try add Jensen to the squad.

      3. I found some content said all of the great player from denmark in 70‘s,such as henning Jensen、naygarrd,include allan simonsen,if they want to play national game,they should pay by themselves。

  1. I found some content said all of the great player from denmark in 70‘s,such as henning Jensen、naygarrd,include allan simonsen,if they want to play national game,they should pay by themselves。

    1. Can see there is a bit of confusion about how the Danish national team worked back in the day.

      DBU (the FA of Denmark) has always been really conservative and was up until 1971 an amateur only national team. Players such as John Angelo Hansen, Jørgen Leschly Sørensen and Harald Nielsen who went to be pro where banned from playing for the national team ever again. When pro-players finally returned home they would receive a 2-3 year ban of playing in any form of Danish turnement and a fine for setting a bad example for the kids.
      In 1971 that was changed and professional players where let back into the national team, bans where lifted and the Danish league where made professional. But pro-players still didn’t get paid by the national team until around 1977, when the player union was established.

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