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1 – Gyula Grosics – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

19 – Ferenc Plattkó – Vasas SC; Era: SH 1910’s

22 – Károly Zsák – 33 FC; Era: FH 1910’s


2 – Jenö Buzánszky – Dorogi FC; Era: FH 1950’s

3 – Gyula Lóránt – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

4 – Mihály Lantos – MTK Budapest; Era: FH 1950’s

6 – Károly Fogl – Ujpest; Era: FH 1920’s

12 – Sándor Mátrai – Ferencvaros TC; Era: FH 1960’s

16 – Kálmán Mészöly – Vasas FC; Era: FH 1960’s

20 – Ferenc Rudas – Ferencvaros TC; Era: SH 1940’s


5 – József Bozsik – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

7 – György Sárosi – Ferencvaros TC; Era: SH 1930’s

8 – Flórián Albert – Ferencvaros TC; Era: SH 1960’s

14 – Gyula Lázár – Ferencvaros TC; Era: FH 1930’s

17 – György Orth – MTK Budapest; Era: FH 1920’s

18Kálmán Konrád – MTK Budapest; Era: SH 1910’s


9 – Nándor Hidegkuti – MTK Budapest; Era: FH 1950’s

10 – Ferenc Puskás ★ – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

11 – Zoltán Czibor – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

13 – Ferenc Bene – Ujpest; Era: SH 1960’s

15 – Sándor Kocsis – Budapest Honvéd; Era: FH 1950’s

21 – Imre Schlosser – Ferencvaros TC; Era: FH 1910’s

23Gyula Zsengellér – Ujpest; Era: FH 1940’s



Hungary XI


HungaryGusztáv Sebes – Era: FH 1950’s

HungaryBéla Guttmann – Era: FH 1960’s


(1) – László Kubala is also a legible choise to be in the squad, however he played for Spain NT in his peak years;

UPDATED AT: 23 – 09 – 2018


17 thoughts on “Hungary”

  1. Sarosi is probably the most complete Hungarian player ever, he shouldn’t be missing in best xi
    also Joszef Fogl and Karoly Fogl should be the CBs (legendary Fogl gat)

    1. Ok. I will put both Fogl in the XI. About Sárosi it’s hard. I must change the line-up and I don’t wanna change it. :/

      Could it replace Orth by Sarosi?

      1. Não! Acho que Orth pelo Albert. Karoly Fogl coloquei de lateral direito, e na zagueiro o Szucs. O meu ataque é igual ao seu, inclusive a mesma ordem

      2. Já agora, podes colocar o seu melhor XI?

        Ainda estou dividido entre um 3-4-3 (nesse caso o meio campo poderia ser Bozsik, Sarósi, Orth e Albert) e um 4-3-3.

        Não é de todo mal pensado Albert no XI.

  2. kubala has to be here!! kubala was always known as a hungarian, besides that kubala is not needed in spain, the same i wrote about di stefano. kubala is well known as hungarian and di stefano argentinian

    1. Thank you! I didn’t realize that he isn’t in the squad. He is a must be in.

      Deak out, Zsengellér in.

      1. What good mate, you work is very good, very complete, is a reference.

    1. I trend to include Sipos in a “squad ‘B'”. About Bálint I have no opinion about him.

  3. I read some article,the best right back in this country is Ferenc Rudas ,Jenö Buzánszky is only a good player

    1. I was highly divided between Buzanszky and Rudas.

      I’ve access to some references and tops made by hungarians and was about 50/50 Buzanszky and Rudas.

      I also trend to agree than Buzanszky is highly regarded due of being member of that super-hungary team. But was hard find others good options for RB position. Deciding the defenders section wasn’t easy comparating with the midfielders and attacks sections.

      But ok, I will adjust the XI. Rudas will be in the XI, and maybe swap one/two players. (next days I will post a new XI.)

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