1 – Jöel Bats – Paris SG; Era: SH 1980’s

16 – Fabien Barthez – AS Monaco; Era: SH 1990’s

23 – Julien Darui – Red Star; Era: FH 1940’s


2 – Manuel Amoros – AS Mónaco; Era: SH 1980’s

3 – Bixente Lizarazu – Girondins Bordeaux / FC Bayern Munchen (Germany); Era: SH 1990’s

5 – Laurent Blanc – Olympique Marseille; Era: SH 1990’s

6 – Maxime Bossis – FC Nantes; Era: FH 1980’s

8 – Marius Trésor – Olympique Marseille; Era: SH 1970’s

13 – Robert Jonquet – Stade Reims; Era: SH 1950’s

15 – Lilian Thuram – Parma FC (Italy); Era: SH 1990’s

22 – Marcel Desailly – AC Milan (Italy) / Chelsea FC (England); Era: SH 1990’s


4 – Patrick Vieira – Arsenal FC (England); Era: FH 2000’s

10 – Michel Platini  – Juventus FC (Italy); Era: FH 1980’s

14 – Jean Tigana – Girondins Bordeaux; Era: FH 1980’s

18 – Alain Giresse – Girondins Bordeaux; Era: FH 1980’s

20 – Frank Ribéry – FC Bayern Munchen (Germany); Era: FH 2010’s

21 – Zinedine Zidane – Juventus FC (Italy) / Real Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 2000’s


7 – Raymond Kopa – Stade Reims; Era: SH 1950’s

9 – Jean-Pierre Papin – Olympique Marseille; Era: FH 1990’s

11Larbi Ben Barek – Atlético Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 1950’s

12 – Thierry Henry – Arsenal FC (England); Era: FH 2000’s

17 – Just Fontaine – Stade Reims; Era: SH 1950’s

19 – Eric Cantona – Manchester United (England); Era: FH 1990’s



France XI


franceAlbert Batteux – Era: SH 1950’s

UPDATED AT: 15 – 10 – 2017


10 thoughts on “France”

  1. darui out – lloris in
    jonquet out – deschamps in
    tigana out – kante in
    giresse out – griezmann in

    and please the star for the best player is for Zidane world champion

    1. Márcio Santos is also World Champion, so he is better than Figueroa?

      Some key players of that generation have potencial, but it is just too early. The main players (Griezmann, Kanté, Mbappe or Pogba) are still very young and have more years of football in the future. Let’s gave time to that generation.

      1. (The main players (Griezmann, Kanté, Mbappe or Pogba) are still very young and have more years of football in the future. Let’s gave time to that generation.) yes it could be. but if they keep this level they should be able to surpass the other players

        (Márcio Santos is also World Champion, so he is better than Figueroa?) and this is very unfair ,
        i am not comparing santos with figueroa, I am comparing zidane with platini (two legends),

        I have lived in the times of zidane I have seen platini in videos, for me zidane was better, there is no how to test them,

        I watch football since 1993 and for me the best player i saw was Ronaldo (fenomeno brazilian) before his injury and after him zidane
        1. Ronaldo
        2. Zidane
        3. Ronaldinho
        4. Messi

        it is my personal opinion. my personal football taste.

      2. 1) Yes continuing in that level, they will be options for the squad in the future.

        2) What I’m saying is I don’t regard players for what they won. When you said that Zidane is better due a WC, I’ve got that idea.
        I regard for what they played. You could do a better explanation (without using WC argument) in why ZIdane is superior to Platini. 😉

    2. Platini is better Zidane. Platin won Euro-1984, he was a champion, he has also title for Juventus in Champion Cup-85. He has 3 golden ball 83-85.
      His total goal scoring in National Team France is 72 games and 41 goals( Zidane 108-31)
      If you take a look on “11 Best team” here, you will see that Zidane era covered more then half of position and Platini time 2 only(Amoros and Bats), so Zidane had much better partners to win World Cup. At the time of Platini France still have not enough best African players compare with World Cup -1998 or 2018.

      1. Thanks for the comment.

        Zidane was very talentous, but never dominate a international competition as Platini in Euro 1984 or Kopa in WC 1958.

  2. for how he played, because when they needed him in France or Real Madrid , he played really well,
    I remember france 3 – 0 brazil 1998, he was the key player the important man,
    france 1 0 brazil 2006, with france in the euro 2000 with france after the first round in 2006 the world cup in 1998, i remember real madrid in 2002 the excellent goal against leverkusen, i remember him with juventus 1999,

    he made football look easy, he was the best player with the galacticos, in a team full of stars (figo, ronaldo, beckham, raul, roberto carlos, and he was the best) i remember him playing against barcelona in the champions i dont remember the year he won the match 2-0 at camp nou i think it was 2002 .

    excellent player, time ago i was talking to an old man in barcelona i was working in a cruise ship, he told me he saw excellent players at camp nou he always used to go to watch football, he has seen cruyff, maradona, messi, ronaldinho, ronaldo…. and the best according to him was zidane despite he was from real madrid , he told me we were almost able to get him(barcelona) before ronaldinho but …i dont think he was the best of all times but he is in the olympus.

    about platini great great player but zidane was a champion and this matters, he played good matches in finals and important games (not playing against andorra or getafe) in the times of platini if in that time would have existed le ballon d or like the current times maybe he would not have won 3 times because there was maradona.

    contrary to what you said the other day i think when the time passes players become more legends , the stories become a myth , because when you talk about a thing many times, when one tells to another they become bigger. and history remember champions.(there are exceptions like hungary 1954 netherlands 1974)

    if you talk to people who dont know about football, ask them about di stefano they dont know who he is, but ask them about pele they know him.

    but despite everything i said, platini and zidane are almost equals for me a little better zidane. the key player the icon of france should be zidane.

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