NOTE: For the USSR years (1924-1991), I rate highly players that lived their peak years in actual Georgia.



1 – David Gogia – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1970’s
13 – Sergei Kotrikadze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1960’s
21 – Anzor Kavazashvili – FK Torpedo Moskva (Russia); Era: SH 1960’s (1) (2)


2 – Tengiz Sulakvelidze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1980’s
– Aleksandr Chivadze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1980’s
4 – Revaz Dzodzuashvili – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1970’s
5 – Givi Chokheli – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1960’s
– Kakhaber Kaladze – AC Milan (Italy); Era: FH 2000’s
8 – Murtaz Khurtsilava ★ ©  FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1960’s & FH 1970’s
23 – Levan Kobiashvili – FC Schalke 04 (Germany); Era: SH 2000’s


7 – David Kipiani – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1970’s
10 – Avtandil Gogoberidze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1950’s & SH 1950’s
12 – Vitaly Daraselia – FC Dínamo Tbilissi; Era: SH 1970’s
17 – Giorgi Kinkladze – Manchester City (England); Era: SH 1990’s
19 – Manuchar Machaidze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1970’s
20 – Shota Yamanidze – FC Dinamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1960’s


9 – Boris Paichadze – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1930’s
11 – Gaioz Jejelava – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1930’s & SH 1940’s
– Ramaz Shengelia – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1970’s
15 – Mikhail Meskhi – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: FH 1960’s
16 – Slava Metreveli – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1950’s & FH 1960’s
18 – Vladimir Gutsaev – FC Dínamo Tbilisi; Era: SH 1970’s
22 – Shota Arveladze – Trabzonspor (Turkey) / AFC Ajax (Netherlands); Era: SH 1990’s









GeorgiaNodar Akhalkatsi – Era: SH 1970’s


(1) – Anzor Kavazashvili was regarded as one of the best georgian footballers of the century by the sport newspaper “Sarbieli” in 1998;
(2)Anzor Kavazashvili was among the Top 5 Goalkeepers ever from Georgia newspaper “Sakhalkho Gazeti”.

UPDATED AT: 27 – 01 – 2019


12 thoughts on “Georgia”

  1. Kipiani more close to attack, here is wrong. Kipiani one of the best Georgian player for all time it is impossible to move him so deep. I would change only 2-3 players in your squad, but main 11 will be different.

    1. Thank you. Was my fault about Kipiani.

      Who are those 2/3 players that can fit in the squad? And best XI?

  2. Kobiashvili is left defender, left midfielder, he can easily to cover all wing. Kaladze is considered as one of the most famous and important defender in Georgia history, by the fact he is better in center-back position and he has not enough speed to play full-back. Chivadze and Khurtsilava are main stones of the team, to keep Kaladze in 11th best you can play 3-5-2.
    Other question- DM? Machaidze(Asatiani)
    I would replace – Jejelava and Khinchagashvili in 23th.
    Gogoberidze is inside forward.
    Other question- if you will play 3-5-2 you cannot use Meskhi and Metrevelli…
    My opinion is to sacrifice Kaladze…
    Also I’m not sure about Givi Nodia, it’s possible to inlay him in the 23. His peak was very high but little beat short.
    Honorable players: Guram Tskhovrebov(left defender), Ketashvili, Dziapshipa, Ketsbaia, Urushadze.
    And I’m not sure that Kavazashvili would play here, he spent a lot of time in Moscow
    and by fact he is hero of Torpedo or Spartak. But who knows?…

    1. Thank you very much, you comment was really appreciated.

      I have the idea in build a 4-1-2-3 or 4-1-3-2, both with Meskhi and Metrevelli.

      The options for CB and SB for the squad can be easily Khurtsilava, Chokeli, Chivadze, Kaladze, Dzodzuashvili, Sulakvelidze. For LB there aren’t a lot of options that I used use more Chokeli or Kaladze (both are optional for LB). I think that I will go with Kobiashvili.

      About Kavazashvilli, he is a exception like some other fews players in this blog (Kennaway, Toplak, etc). Although he lived his peak years at Russia, he is regarded as the best goalkeeper ever from Georgia. With that kind of exception, he can be in the squad. But build NT from ex-countries is not easy.

      About Nodia, I have big doubts. His peak was really good, but how long he keep that peak?? Despite of being short, I decided include him. I regard a strong peak that lasted close to 2/3 years.

      The new XI: Kavazashvili / Dzodzuashvili, Chivadze, Khurtsilava, Kobiashvilli / Maichadze; Kipiani; Metrevelli, Meskhi / Paichadze; Gogoberidze

      What do you think?

      1. Chokeli -is right defender in NT(or 3-2-5) or left central defender in scheme 4-2-4. I’m not sure about all his experience in Dinamo Tb. He was one of the first Georgian player in NT of USSR.
        Your 11th best much more balancing now.
        Actually o lot of Georgians will tell you, that Shengelia and Gutsaev are considered to be in main 11th, but structure of your team more stronger. And those two could be good in second half.)

        Regarding Nodia, as I said…I’m in really doubts.

      2. Thank you about Chokeli. the options for LB now are Kaladze and Kobiashvilli.

      3. “With that kind of exception, he can be in the squad. But build NT from ex-countries is not easy”- That is absolutely true. That’s why it could better to create USSR team till 1991 and then create Georgia, Russia, Ukrain NT based on starting time for the team since 1991.

        But it’s just my opinion.

      4. And I agree. In a way is more easy, in the other way the teams will be very weaks, but is boring build Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, etc, without Yashin, Blokhin, Netto, Khurtslava, etc, etc.

  3. Kaloev, Barkaia, Datunashvili, Sichinava, Antadze, Zeinklishvili, Eloshvili, Margania…- in reserve.

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