ecuador (logo)Ecuador



1 – José Cevallos – Barcelona SC; Era: FH 2000’s

12 – Alfredo Bonnard – Unión Deportiva Valdez; Era: FH 1950’s

22 – Pablo Ansaldo – Barcelona SC; Era: FH 1960’s


2 – Vicente Lecaro – Barcelona SC; Era: FH 1960’s

3 – Iván Hurtado – CS Emelec / Celaya FC (Mexico) / Tigres UNAL (Mexico); Era: SH 1990’s

4 – Ulises de la Cruz – LDU Quito; Era: SH 1990’s

6 – Luis Capurro – CS Emelec; Era: FH 1990’s

13 – Holger Quiñonez – Barcelona SC; Era: SH 1980’s

17Jorge Henríquez – Audax (Chile) / Independiente Santa Fé (Colombia) ; Era: SH 1940’s

18Néicer Reasco – LDU Quito; Era: SH 2000’s


5 – Kléber Fajardo – CS Emelec; Era: SH 1980’s

8 – Édison Méndez – PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) / LDU Quito; Era: SH 2000’s

10 – Alex Aguinaga – Necaxa (Mexico); Era: SH 1990’s

14 – Jorge Bolaños – CS Emelec; Era: FH 1960’s

16 – Antonio Valencia – Manchester United (England); Era: FH 2010’s

19 – Walter Ayoví – CF Monterrey (Mexico); Era: FH 2010’s

20 – Polo Carrera – LDU Quito; Era: SH 1970’s


7 – José Balseca – CS Emelec; Era: SH 1950’s

9 – Alberto Spencer  – CA Peñarol (Uruguay); Era: FH 1960’s

11 – Augustín Delgado – Clube Necaxa (Mexico); Era: FH 2000’s

15 – Washington Muñoz – Barcelona SC; Era: SH 1960’s

21Carlos Raffo – CS Emelec; Era: FH 1960’s

23 – Ítalo Estupiñán – Toluca (Mexico); Era: SH 1970’s




ColombiaHernán Dário Gómez – Era: FH 2000’s

UPDATED AT: 01 – 02 – 2018


7 responses to “Ecuador

  1. Meus 23
    Goleiros 1 José Cevallos, 12 Alfredo Bonnard e 22 Carlos Luís Morales

    Defensores 3 Ivan Hurtado, 17 Giovany Espinoza, 4 Ulises De Lá Cruz, 6 Luís Capurro, 13 Vicente Lecaro, 15 Holguer Quinonez e 18 Neicer Reasco

    Meio campo 5 Alfonso Obregon, 8 Edison Mendez, 16 Antônio Valência, 10 Alex Aguinaga, 14 Segundo Castillo, 2 Walter Ayovi, 20 Jorge Bolanos e 23 José Villafuerte

    Atacantes 11 Agustín Delgado, 9 Alberto Spencer, 7 Washington Munoz, 21 Carlos Raffo e 19 Italo Estupinan

    • Formação




  2. The full back Néicer Reasco was chose on the star team of year in America 2009-2010- 2011 for Newspaper “El País” of Uruguay and CONMEBOL. He was recognized for several years as the best full back in South American football.

  3. Polo Carrera was a lefty creative midfielder that played in Peñarol and River Plate of 60s on a high level.

    • Moved Polo to midfielders list and Washington to foward list.

      Looking for those all-star XI’s, I never tought that Reasco was named 3 times to best XI!!! I didn’t knew it. I’ve the idea that Obregón was named in 2008 or 2009!! That make him a total valid option to the squad.

      What do you suggest? I would retire Obregón (for me he is just above average, nothing more) and for CM and DM there are already players as Mendez, Fajardo and Ayoví.

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