Manchester City FC

Manchester City FC



GermanyBert Trautmann – Era: SH 1950’s

englandFrank Swift – Era: SH 1940’s

englandJoe Hart – Era: FH 2010’s


englandDave Watson – Era: SH 1970’s

englandHerbert Burgess – Era: FH 1900’s

BelgiumVincent Kompany – Era: FH 2010’s

walesRoy Paul – Era: FH 1950’s

englandTony Book – Era: FH 1970’s

englandSamuel Cowan – Era: FH 1930’s

Republic of IrelandRichard Dunne – Era: SH 2000’s


englandAlan Oakes – Era: SH 1960’s

englandColin Bell – Era: FH 1970’s

englandDennis Tueart – Era: SH 1970’s

englandMike Summerbee – Era: FH 1970’s

walesRoy Clarke – Era: FH 1950’s

SpainDavid Silva – Era: FH 2010’s

Cote D'IvoireYaya Touré – Era: FH 2010’s


englandEric Brook – Era: FH 1930’s

englandFrancis Lee – Era: SH 1960’s

Northen IrelandPeter Doherty – Era: SH 1930’s

walesBilly Meredith – Era: FH 1900’s

argentinaSérgio “Kun” Agüero – Era: FH 2010’s

englandTommy Johnson – Era: SH 1920’s


englandJoe Mercer – Era: SH 1960’s




6 responses to “Manchester City FC

  1. Formation:

    • outstanding player, but don’t have the opportunity to play in the high level for manchester city more years.

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