Sunderland AFC

Sunderland AFC



Ned Doig – Era: 1890’s

Jimmy Montgomery – Era: 1970’s


Charlie Hurley – Era: 1960’s

Dave Watson – Era: 1960’s

Jimmy Watson – Era: 1900’s

Len Ashurst – Era: 1960’s

Dick Malone – Era: 1970’s

Shaun Elliott – Era: 1980’s

Jack Hedley – Era: 1950’s

Michael Gray – Era: 2000’s


Len Shackleton – Era: 1950’s

Billy Bingham – Era: 1950’s

Kevin Ball – Era: 1990’s

Martin Harvey – Era: 1960’s

Stan Anderson – Era: 1950’s

Hughie Wilson – Era: 1890’s


Charlie Buchan – Era: 1910’s

John Campbell – Era: 1890’s

Raich Carter – Era: 1930’s

Kevin Phillips – Era: 1990’s

Bobby Gurney – Era: 1930’s

Trevor Ford – Era: 1950’s

Dave Halliday – Era: 1920’s


Tom Watson – Era: 1890’s

Honorable Mention:

Charles Thomson – Era: 1910’s (Heart of Midlothian)

Dennis Tueart – Era: 1970’s (Manchester City)

Colin Todd – Era: 1960’s (Derby County)



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