Atlético Madrid

atletico madrid



france1 – Marcel Domingo – Era: 1940’s

13 – Thibaut Courtois – Era: 2010’s



2 – Diego Godín – Era: 2010’s

3 – Isacio Calleja – Era: 1960’s

4 – Aparício – Era: 1940’s

5 – Juan Carlos Arteche – Era: 1980’s

12 – Feliciano Rivilla – Era: 1960’s

14 – Tomás – Era: 1980’s

15 – José Luís Capón – Era: 1970’s


6 – Larbi Ben Barek – Era: 1940’s

7 – Luis Aragonés – Era: 1970’s

8 – Diego Simeone – Era: 1990’s

16 – Koke – Era: 2010’s

21 – Adelardo – Era: 1960’s

22 – Javier Irureta – Era: 1970’s

23 – José Luís Caminero – Era: 1990’s


9 – Radamel Falcao – Era: 2010’s

10 – Paulo Futre – Era: 1990’s

11 – Enrique Collar – Era: 1960’s

17 – Jose Ufarte – Era: 1960’s

18 – Adrián Escudero – Era: 1950’s

19 – Jose Eulogio Gárate – Era: 1970’s

20 – Joaquín Peiró – Era: 1960’s



Atletico Madrid XI


Diego Simeone – Era: 2010’s

Honorable Mention:

Luís Pereira – Era: 1970’s (SE Palmeiras)

Hugo Sánchez – Era: 1980’s (Real Madrid)



7 responses to “Atlético Madrid

    • Godin will be in villarreal but i can update, Falcao is like Ronaldo in Inter (one of the best but few time), i like koke and juanfran but who will be out?

  1. What about including Abel Resino in the squad? He do after all have the record for most minutes without conceding a goal in Spain (with his 1275 minuts). The record was also the European record from 1991, until van Der Sar broke the record back in 2009.
    Sadly he isn’t as decorated as some of the other goalkeepers, but he still got to win the 90/91- and 91/92 season Copa Del Ray.

    • I rate highly the peak, and in that point, at my view, Courtois is superior. I must admit that I’ve prefer Marcel Domingo above Resino and Miguel Reina mostly because of this All-Time At. Madrid XI published in 1996:

      What do you think about it? I’m looking at Marcel stats and I think he still a good option to add in Espanyol AS, and in this way I would add Resino.

      • You’re right… It’s hard to beat Courtois’s time in the club and Domingo is probably one of the best goalkeepers the league has ever seen. Also Español is already packed with great goalkeepers.

      • Marcel is also a good choice for Stade Français (he gains his 1st cap for France as Stade Français player), but I still rate his peak years in Madrid.

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