Real Madrid CF

real madrid



SpainIker Casillas – Era: SH 2000’s

SpainRicardo Zamora – Era: SH 1930’s


SpainJosé Antonio Camacho – Era: FH 1980’s

SpainFernando Hierro – Era: SH 1990’s

SpainJacinto Quincoces – Era: 1930’s

brazilRoberto Carlos – Era: FH 2000’s

SpainManuel Sanchís – Era: SH 1980’s

uruguayJosé Santamaría – Era: FH 1960’s

SpainSergio Ramos – Era: FH 2010’s


SpainAmancio – Era: SH 1960’s

SpainAlfredo Di Stéfano – Era: SH 1950’s

SpainPirri – Era: SH 1970’s

SpainMíchel – Era: SH 1980’s

argentinaFernando Redondo – Era: SH 1990’s

GermanyUli Stielike – Era: FH 1980’s

franceZinedine Zidane – Era: FH 2000’s


SpainEmilio Butragueño – Era: SH 1980’s

PortugalCristiano Ronaldo – Era: FH 2010’s

SpainFrancisco Gento – Era: FH 1960’s

franceRaymond Kopa – Era: SH 1950’s

HungaryFerenc Puskás – Era: FH 1960’s

SpainRaúl – Era: FH 2000’s

mexcoHugo Sánchez – Era: SH 1980’s



Real Madrid XI


SpainMiguel Muñoz – Era: FH 1960’s

UPDATED AT: 06 – 03 – 2017


21 responses to “Real Madrid CF

    • Zamora encontra-se no Espanyol.

      Guti sempre foi muito querido pela malta do Real Madrid. Apesar de ele nunca ser aquele jogador talentoso, decisivo, habilidoso, completo ou importante mostrava-se sempre disponível para ajudar o clube. Mas ele está longe de merecer um lugar.

      • ——————–Casillas——————-
        ———–Zidane——-Di Stefano———

  1. Lol, totally forgot Santamaria 😀
    ———–Zidane——-Di Stefano———

  2. No Pirri, no Amancio, no Camacho, no Raul? This formation is an insult to every Real fan and everyone who has a little knowledge about football..

    • I image someone saying it about this XI. Is hard decide the XI with to many great players, and like in Bayern i’ve put the player with more overalls (i admit it’s sometimes very broken) in positions like the LB, DM and the attack.

      I will replace Roberto Carlos by Camacho, Redondo by Pirri and Ronaldo by Amancio.

      I see Sanchez more “striker” than Raul, however, Raul is more “RM Player” than the mexican. But i still prefer the Pentapichichi.

      I can update the XI:


      Chendo / Santamaría / Hierro / Camacho

      Pirri / Zidane / Stéfano

      Amancio / Sanchez / Gento

    • Ahdajajafss, one more point. I really think that Cristiano Ronaldo should be in the XI. He may not be loved by RM fans, but they are also very ungrateful with his goals.

  3. Then I’d rather put in Ronaldo than Redondo 😉 I like Redondo but I never understood why he’s always regarded as such a big RM legend..

    • Whon two Champions League, being the MVP of 1999-2000 edition, also was the most important and reliable RM player from that era (late 1990’s).

      Redondo is, possibility, the most gifted DM of all time (pass, dribble, creation), and the most perfect in tactics ways.

  4. Most gifted DM? He was a fancy dribbler and brilliant technician but there were at least 10-20 players who were far better DM than him..
    The main qualifications for a good DM are stamina, defensive quality and organizing/passing, not dribbling..

    • I think your ideas are unfair because in history of football there are diferents types of players for the same position, and we can’t simply compare them.

      Is in passing, organization, creativity, and defense/attack process that he is great. And don’t underrated Redondo, he is for SURE one of greatest DM of all time, top 15 at least.

  5. Just to name a few DM which were better than Redondo:
    Rijkaard, Szymaniak, Smistik, Guardiola, Monti, Edwards, Pirri, Keane, Tardelli, Varela, Andrade, Andreolo, Boszik, Pirlo, Alonso, Benetti, Busquets
    (and this doesn’t include CMs who also were great as DM, like Ocwirk or Matthäus)

    • I don’t see Szymaniak, Alonso (no way!), Pirlo (my favorite player of all time, but no f*cking way), Keane, Andreolo, Busquets (no way also), Benetti, Tardelli or even Pirri better than Redondo.

      My top DM ever is something like: Rijkaard, Monti, Falcão, Redondo, Varela, Andrade, Boszik, Beckenbauer, Edwards, van Hanegam or Tigana

      We don’t need to discuss it anymore.

  6. Okay, sorry for that. I won’t bother you anymore by posting unnessecary comments on your page 😉

    • We don’t need anymore talk about Redondo and DM. We have different ideas. For me, what make a great DM is his how so good is as DM while playing (i really don’t care if he have great stamina, if is strong, if is a destroyer, if have a great pass, the most important is his greatness showed in a game as DM). I’m not so objective and precise while defining a player in different positions like you.

      My great question is why you underrated Redondo a lot? I can’t undestand that. Only that. I don’t offend you, but ok, thanks for all your comments. 😉

  7. I don’t underrate Redondo but he simply doesn’t resemble my ideo of a good DM. In Germany we differentiate between a “Sechser” (usually wears Nr. 6, typical DM, destroyer, stamnia => i.e. Monti) and “Achter” (rather CM than DM, playmaking and such stuff). In 4-2-3-1 there’s usually one “Sechser” (supporting defence, marking the playmaker from other team) and one “Achter” (who orchestrates the attacks from behind). Just an image to make it more clear:

    Redondo is a superb “Achter” but I wouldn’t call him a good “Sechser” (what is my idea of a good DM)..



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