Nottingham Forest FC

Nottingham Forest



Peter Shilton – Era: 1980’s

Harry Linacre – Era: 1900’s


Stuart Pearce – Era: 1990’s

Steve Chettle – Era: 1990’s

Kenny Burns – Era: 1970’s

Viv Anderson – Era: 1990’s

Des Walker – Era: 1980’s

Larry Lloyd – Era: 1970’s

Robert McKinlay – Era: 1950’s


Ian Storey-Moore – Era: 1960’s

John Robertson – Era: 1970’s

John McGovern – Era: 1970’s

Steve Stone – Era: 1990’s

Neill Webb – Era: 1980’s

Jack Burkitt – Era: 1950’s

Steve Hodge – Era: 1980’s

Martin O’Neill – Era: 1970’s


Nigel Clough – Era: 1990’s

Stan Collymore – Era: 1990’s

Garry Birtles – Era: 1970’s

Tony Woodcock – Era: 1970’s

Grenville Morris – Era: 1900’s

Tinsley Lindley – Era: 1880’s


Brian Clough – Era: 1980’s

Honorable Mention:

Johnny Metgod – Era: 1980’s (AZ Alkmaar)



2 responses to “Nottingham Forest FC

  1. Are you sure about Collymore in best XI? I’d rate both Tony Woodcock and Arthur Grenville Morris over him, especially the last one as their best goalscorer could rather claim this spot 😉

    • I’ve the same idea. This post have two years and i didn’t make great changes since them (in that time my knowledge about football was just above the average).

      You can see that this team (and many others) needs an update, so isn’t suprise that somes XI are bullshit. The teams listed in this link are updated:

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