Sevilla FC

sevilla fc



Andrés Palop – Era: 2000’s

José Maria Busto – Era: 1940’s


Fernando Guillamón – Era: 1950’s

Campanal II – Era: 1950’s

Francisco Antúnez – Era: 1940’s

Manolo Jiménez – Era: 1980’s

Javi Navarro – Era: 2000’s

Juan López Hita – Era: 1970’s

Julien Escudé – Era: 2000’s


Jesús Navas – Era: 2010’s

Manuel Ruiz Sosa – Era: 1960’s

Andrés Mateo – Era: 1940’s

Ignacio Achucárro – Era: 1960’s

Juan Arza – Era: 1940’s

Rafa Paz – Era: 1990’s

Ivan Rakitic – Era: 2010’s

Grzegorz Krychowiak – Era: 2010’s


Frédéric Kanouté – Era: 2000’s

Campanal I – Era: 1930’s

Davor Suker – Era: 1990’s

Luís Fabiano – Era: 2000’s

Juan “Pato” Araujo – Era: 1940’s

Júlio Baptista – Era: 2000’s


Juande Ramos – Era: 2000’s

Unay Emery – Era: 2010’s

Honorable Mention:

Daniel Alves – Era: 2000’s (FC Barcelona)

Toni Polster – Era: 1980’s (FK Austria Wien)





3 responses to “Sevilla FC


  2. Isn’t Grzegorz Krychowiak more of a Reims legend then a Sevilla legend??
    Personally I would prefer Enzo Maresca (Italian) or Christian Poulsen (Denmark) or Antonio Puerta (Spain) or José Luis Martí (Spain) over him… All did great things for Sevilla in the mid-2000.

    • As i’ve check I don’t think that Krychowyak perfomances in Reims is enough to surpass some players as Leblond, Batteux or Siatka (If I would add the polish I would retire Siatka). He wasn’t named to best XI of French League, but I will research more about it.

      I don’t think that Puerta (RIP), from what I rate highly while making the teams, deserve a place in the squad. He wasn’t a main player or a decisive player of golden years of Sevilla. Also I must admit that was a challenge deciding the midfielders from sec. XXI to be added in the squad.

      I have access to La Liga Best XI and the sevilla players named in that best XI since 2000 are:

      Julio Baptista (2003/04);
      Sergio Ramos (2004/05);
      Dani Alves (2005/06 and 2006/07);
      Jesús Navas (2007/08);
      Poulsen (2007/08);
      Luis Fabiano (2007/08)
      Negredo (2012/13);
      Rakitic (2013/14);
      Krychowiak (2014/15)

      Since that Maresca and Martí aren’t named, I’ve just interpretated that their performances are less decisive or crucial for Sevilla than the above ones.

      I’ve decide Krychowiak above Poulsen since that he was named to best squad of Europa League two times.

      About Negredo it’s hard to decide, since that there are a really strong competition for a place in the foward list, but I must also admit that Zarra trophy isn’t really impressive.

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