Blackburn Rovers

blackburn rovers



Tim Flowers – Era: 1990’s

Brad Friedel – Era: 2000’s


Bob Crompton – Era: 1910’s

Bill Eckersley – Era: 1950’s

Colin Hendry – Era: 1990’s

Keith Newton – Era: 1960’s

Henning Berg – Era: 1990’s

Ronnie Clayton – Era: 1950’s

Graeme le Saux – Era: 1990’s


Bryan Douglas – Era: 1950’s

Tim Sherwood – Era: 1990’s

David Dunn – Era: 2000’s

Jimmy Forrest – Era: 1880’s

Eddie Latheron – Era: 1910’s

Billy Bradshaw – Era: 1910’s

Damien Duff – Era: 2000’s

Tugay Kerimoglu – Era: 1990’s


Jack Bruton – Era: 1930’s

Walter Aitkenhead – Era: 1910’s

Jack Southworth – Era: 1890’s

Fred Pickering – Era: 1960’s

James Brown – Era: 1880’s

Simon Garner – Era: 1980’s


Robert Middleton – Era: 1910’s

Honorable Mention:

Alan Shearer – Era: 1990’s (Newcastle United)

Mike England – Era: 1960’s (Tottenham Hotspur)



2 responses to “Blackburn Rovers

    • I didn’t say that Shearer isn’t a Blackburn legend. For sure that he should be in any Blackburn AS, but, each footballer player can only be in one A.S. Team in this blog, that is why he is in Honorable Mentions. Shearer is the top scorer of Newcastle.

      Add Garner, Brotherston out.

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