Universidad de Chile

Universidad chile



Sergio Vargas – Era: 1990’s

Eduardo Simián Gallet – Era: 1940’s


Alberto Quintano – Era: 1970’s

Luis Eyzaguirre – Era: 1960’s

Carlos Contreras – Era: 1960’s

Sergio Navarro – Era: 1960’s

Cristián Castañeda – Era: 1990’s

Vladimir Bigorra – Era: 1970’s

José Rojas – Era: 2010’s


Rúben Marcos – Era: 1960’s

Luis Musrri – Era: 1990’s

Leonardo Rodríguez – Era: 1990’s

Braulio Musso – Era: 1960’s

Jorge Socías – Era: 1970’s

Mariano Puyol – Era: 1980’s

Charles Aránguiz – Era: 2010’s

Ernesto Álvarez – Era: 1960’s


Leonel Sánchez – Era: 1960’s

Marcelo Salas – Era: 1990’s

Carlos Campos – Era: 1960’s

Jaime Ramírez Banda – Era: 1960’s

Pedro Araya – Era: 1960’s

Pedro González – Era: 1990’s


Luis Álamos – Era: 1960’s

Honorable Mention:

Víctor Hugo Castañeda – Era: 1990’s (Palestino)





6 responses to “Universidad de Chile

  1. David Pizarro played in Universidad De Chile club 2001 and 2017, now he won the Chile championship 2017 with the U (Universidad De Chile). David Pizarro deserves a mention.

  2. Diego Rivarola? Mate, Rivarola is very loved, but you leave out insigneas like Jaime Ramírez Banda, Alejandro Scopelli or to a lesser extent, Eduardo Vargas. Rivarola by quality does not come in or in substitutes. I repeat, he is a player much loved by the followers of the U, he made many goals, but Chile is a country where quality must be assured. In Chile there is no competitiveness, but even the GKs have a “good foot”.

  3. ________________(________)____________________
    _________________E. Simian_____________________
    _Eyzaguirre__R. Delgado__Quintano____S. Navarro__
    ________Aránguiz __D. Pizarro__R. Marco___________
    ___J. Ramirez B.___M. Salas___L. Sánchez_______

    Also Contreras by R. Delgado or C. Campos by M. Salas.

    Aránguiz was Champions copa sudamericana 2011.

    Other team can be Vargas_C.Campos_M. Salas and L. Sánchez, by
    J. Ramirez Banda is a player very important in Chile.

  4. Regarding “Jaime Ramirez Banda”, I recommend you watch Chile vs. Yugoslavia in the 1962 World Cup. This player has the added bonus of innovate in the position, he was the first Ghost wing in history. It appeared on the left side and then appeared on the right side. the Yugoslavs could never find it.

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