Club América

Club América



Héctor Zelada – Era: 1980’s

Guillermo Ochoa – Era: 2000’s


Mario Trejo – Era: 1970’s

Juan Hernández – Era: 1990’s

Alfredo Tena – Era: 1980’s

Guillermo Hernández – Era: 1970’s

Rafael Garza Gutiérrez – Era: 1920’s

Cecílio de los Santos – Era: 1990’s

Armando Manzo – Era: 1980’s

Alfonso Portugal – Era: 1960’s


Cristóbal Ortega – Era: 1980’s

Antônio Carlos – Era: 1980’s

Cuauhtémoc Blanco – Era: 1990’s

Pável Pardo – Era: 2000’s

Carlos Reynoso – Era: 1970’s

Germán Villa – Era: 1990’s

Daniel Brailovsky – Era: 1980’s

Gonzalo Farfán – Era: 1980’s


Enrique Borja – Era: 1970’s

Luis Roberto Alves – Era: 1990’s

François Oman-Biyik – Era: 1990’s

Salvador Cabañas – Era: 2000’s

José Alves – Era: 1970’s


Jorge Vieira – Era: 1980’s

Honorable Mention:

Miguel Ángel Cornero – Era: 1970’s (Cruz Azul)

Carlos Hermosillo – Era: 1980’s (Cruz Azul)




4 responses to “Club América

  1. What about Rafael Garza Gutiérrez (Aka. Récord)??? The man is probably the first real profile Mexico ever had, and led Mexico in both the 1928 Olympic games and the 1930 WC.
    At club-level he where one of the men who founded Club Ámerica and went on to win 4 league titles with the club (two of those as playing trainer in 1926/27 and 27/28). Garza Gutiérrez is basicly synonymes with Mexican football in the 1920’s.

    • Very interesting suggestion.

      I must admit that I didn’t know him, but after a research, it’s not a really bad idea add him in the squad.

      However, from what I remember while doing this team, the defenders listed in that squad are the most voted in a fan wiki (or forum or something similar, I don’t remeber). I have no idea who I should retire to add Rafael Garza Gutiérrez.

      • I have always seen the fans as the most important factor when it come to make up the all-time teams. But if I have to retire one it might have to be Mário Pérez, since he also had an great career in Nacaxa who lead to a place in the 1967 Pan American games squad and later secured his shift to America.

      • Sorry for the late reply, I was really busy.

        I accept your suggestion. Updated.

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