Aberdeen FC




Jim Leighton – Era: 1980’s

Bobby Clark – Era: 1970’s

Fred Martin – Era: 1950’s


Willie Miller – Era: 1980’s

Alex McLeish – Era: 1980’s

Stuart Kennedy – Era: 1970’s

Russell Anderson – Era: 2000’s

Martin Buchan – Era: 1960’s

Stewart McKimmie – Era: 1980’s

Ally Shewan – Era: 1960’s

Willie Cooper – Era: 1930’s


Neil Simpson – Era: 1980’s

Gordon Strachan – Era: 1980’s

Jim Bett – Era: 1980’s

Eoin Jess – Era: 1990’s

Charlie Cooke – Era: 1960’s

Arthur Graham – Era: 1970’s


Joe Harper – Era: 1970’s

Duncan Shearer – Era: 1990’s

Drew Jarvie – Era: 1970’s

George Hamilton – Era: 1940’s

Matt Armstrong – Era: 1930’s

Jack Hather – Era: 1950’s


Dave Halliday – Era: 1950’s

Honorable Mention:

Alex Fergunson – Era: 1980’s (Manchester United) – Manager



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