Vicenza Calcio

Vicenza Calcio



Giorgio Sterchele – Era: 1990’s

Ernesto Galli – Era: 1970’s


Alfonso Santagliuliana – 1940’s

Gianfranco Volpato – Era: 1960’s

Gustavo Méndez – Era: 1990’s

Giulio Savoini – Era: 1950’s

Daniele Martinelli – Era: 2000’s

Sergio Carantini – Era: 1960’s

Silvio Griggio – Era: 1920’s


Giorgio Puja – Era: 1960’s

Mario David – Era: 1950’s

Luigi Menti – Era: 1960’s

Giampiero Maini – Era: 1990’s

Renato Faloppa – Era: 1970’s

Bruno Camolese – Era: 1930’s

Domenico Di Carlo – Era: 1990’s


Paolo Rossi – Era: 1970’s

Luís Vinício – Era: 1960’s

Oscar Damiani – Era: 1970’s

Marcelo Otero – Era: 1990’s

Mario Maraschi – Era: 1960’s

Bruno Quaresima – Era: 1940’s

Pietro Spinato – Era: 1930’s


Francesco Guidolin – Era: 1990’s




9 responses to “Vicenza Calcio

  1. È vero! Questa è la formazione completa:

    DM – DI CARLO (C)
    DM – PUJA
    CM – MAINI
    CF – ROSSI

    • In a 4-4-2 the duo frontline could be Rossi and Vinício.

      What you suggest for a 4-4-2, with side midfielders?

      • GK – STERCHELE
        RB – MENDEZ
        LB – SAVOINI
        DM – DI CARLO (C)
        DM – PUJA
        RM – DAMIANI
        LM – FALOPPA
        SS – VINICIO
        CF – ROSSI

  2. Ho fatto delle sostituzioni e precisamente:

    Pierluigi BRIVIO al posto di Ernesto GALLI
    Luigi SARTOR al posto di Gianfranco VOLPATO
    Remo LANCIONI al posto di Sergio CARANTINI
    Gilberto D’IGNAZIO al posto di Giulio SAVOINI
    Giovanni LOPEZ al posto di Daniele MARTINELLI
    Francesco COCO al posto di Silvio GRIGGIO
    Sidney Cunha CHINESINHO al posto di Luigi MENTI
    Ezio VENDRAME al posto di Renato FALOPPA
    Alessandro VITALI al posto di Pietro SPINATO

    Che ne pensi?

    • My friend, I don’t consider myself as an expert of classic football, and I still have to much to learn so don’t have the expectation that I know everything about classic football. I also want learn from you.

      From your ideas:

      1) I see Ernesto Galli more interesting than Brivio;
      2) Not a bad idea, but Sartor doens’t have a lot of games in Serie A;
      3) Again, not a bad idea;
      4) I keep Savoini;
      5) Maybe yes. I didn’t remember why Lopez is not in the squad, thinking about it now;
      6) Coco didn’t play a lot for Vicenza, and his prime was not in Vicenza;
      7) Maybe I really should consider Chinesinho;
      8) Vendrame doens’t look me really suggestive;
      9) Spinato is AT top scorer of Vicenza;

      • I chose these players because I’m rebuilding the teams on the game and the values ​​of the original players were not there. Vitali and Vendrame are two legends of Vicenza, the first one who died at a 32-year-old accident in the street, the second chap and controversy, but much loved by the public, genius and disorder.

      • Don’t know that. We can say that Vendrame was like Best?

        If you want keep both in your squad, that’s ok.

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