portugal (logo)Portugal



1 – Manuel Bento – SL Benfica; Era: FH 1980’s

12 – João Azevedo – Sporting CP; Era: SH 1940’s

23 – Vítor Baía  – FC Porto; Era: SH 1990’s


2 – João Pinto – FC Porto; SH 1980’s

3 – Humberto Coelho – SL Benfica; Era: FH 1970’s

5 – Germano – SL Benfica; Era: FH 1960’s

6 – Hilário – Sporting CP; Era: FH 1960’s

15Pepe – Real Madrid (Spain); Era: FH 2010’s

16 – Ricardo Carvalho – FC Porto / Chelsea FC (England); FH 2000’s

22 – Artur – SL Benfica; Era: FH 1970’s


4Artur José Pereira – SL Benfica; Era: FH 1910’s

8 – Mário Coluna – SL Benfica; Era: SH 1960’s

10 – Rui Costa – ACF Fiorentina (Italy); Era: SH 1990’s

11 – Luís Figo – FC Barcelona (Spain) / Real Madrid (Spain); Era: SH 1990’s

14 – José Travaços – Sporting CP; Era: FH 1950’s

19 – Paulo Sousa – Juventus FC (Italy) / Borussia Dortmund (Germany); Era: SH 1990’s

20 – Deco – FC Porto / FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: FH 2000’s


9 – Fernando Peyroteo – Sporting CP; Era: SH 1940’s

7 – Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United (England) / Real Madrid (Spain); Era: SH 2000’s & FH 2010’s

13 – Eusébio  – SL Benfica; Era: SH 1960’s

17 – Pinga – FC Porto; Era: SH 1930’s

18 – Matateu – CF Os Belenenses; Era: FH 1950’s

21 – Paulo Futre  – FC Porto / Atlético Madrid (Spain); Era: SH 1980’s



Portugal XI


PortugalJosé Mourinho – Era: SH 2000’s

UPDATED AT: 29 – 09 – 2018


5 responses to “Portugal

  1. What players has you left out? maybe Arthur Correia, Jose Augusto, Fernando Chalana, Maniche, Ricardo Pereira, Vicente Lucas!!!

    • João Pinto is superior to Artur, but it is a acceptable idea rate artur ahed him.

      José Augusto simply doens’t have spece in the team. For the right winger/midfielder there are Figo and Futre. If I would make a reserve squad with 9 players for sure that I would add him.

      Fernando Chalana have a very good peak, however his time at France was not really good. Futre is superior to him.

      Maniche was good but not enough. Ricardo was shit.

      For centre back position, there a lot of competition between Couto, Lucas, Pepe and Cardoso, but I’ve added Cardoso since that he played also as left-back.

    • Updated: Graça OUT, Augusto IN.

      That was the only way to add him in the squad. Portugal have to many world class fowards and wingers. ❤

      • Because Cardoso is also a option to Left-Back position. Hilário is the only true left-back in the squad. To get a balance squad, is necessary Cardoso.

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