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Henri Françillon – Victory SC; Era: 1970’s

Johny Placide – Le Havre (France); Era: 2010’s

Michel Blain – (?); Era: 1950’s


Jean-Claude Desir – Aigle Noir AC; Era: 1960’s

Wilner Nazaire – RC Haitien; Era: 1970’s

Jean Sony – SC Leixões (Portugal); Era: 2000’s

Jean-Jacques Pierre – FC Nantes (France); Era: 2000’s

Arsène Auguste – Tampa Bay (United States); Era: 1970’s

Pierre Bruny – Don Bosco FC; Era: 2000’s

Daniel Cadet – (?); Era: 1980’s

Jean Cadet – (?); Era: 1980’s


Philippe Vorbé – Violette; Era: 1970’s

Roger Saint-Vil – Baltimore Days (United States); Era: 1970’s

Jean Matalier – (?); Era: 1980’s

Guy Francois – Violette; Era: 1970’s

Yves Desmarets – Vitória Guimarães (Portugal); Era: 2000’s


Emmanuel Sanon – Beerschot AC (Belgium); Era: 1970’s

Wagneau Eloi – RC Lens (France); Era: 1990’s

Joe Gaetjens – Racing Club Paris (France); Era: 1950’s

Claude Barthelemy – RC Haitien; Era: 1970’s

Guy Saint-Vil – RC Haitien; Era: 1960’s

Golman Pierre – FICA ; Era: 1990’s

Franck Beauvoir – (?); Era: 1930’s


Antoine Tassy – 1970’s


2 responses to “Haiti

  1. I consider this list educational as a Haiti fan…. Is there a case for Golman Pierre,,,, I think he is our all time top goalscorer.

    • Thanks for the comment! You’re welcome.

      I’m not a expert of caribbean football, I just research. 😀

      About Golman Pierre, I don’t known him TBH. I put him in the squad replacing Boulos.

      Any others suggestions?

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