Hong Kong




Fan Chun-yip – Happy Valley; Era: 2000’s

Charlie Wright – Charlton Athletic (England); Era: 1960’s

Lo Duck-koon – (?); Era: 1960’s


Ku Kam-fai – South China; Era: 1980’s

Lai Sun-cheung – Happy Valley; Era: 1970’s

Cheung Chi-tak – South China; Era: 1980’s

Leung Sui-wing – Happy Valley; Era: 1980’s

Poon Yiu-cheuk – Happy Valley; Era: 2000’s

Chan Sai-kau – South China; Era: 1970’s

Chan Wai-ho – Hong Kong Rangers; Era: 2000’s


Ko Po-keung – (?); Era: 1950’s

Wu Kwok-hung – Seiko SA; Era: 1980’s

Lee Yuk-tak – South China; Era: 1950’s

Leslie Santos – South China; Era: 1990’s

Lee Kin-wo – Eastern SC; Era: 1990’s

Zhongchu Wei – Happy Valley; Era: 1970’s

Nang Yan Leung – Happy Valley; Era: 1980’s


Ho Cheng-yau – South China; Era: 1950’s

Au Chi-yin – (?); Era: 1950’s

Dale Tempest – Eastern SC; Era: 1990’s

Wan Chi-keung – South China; Era: 1980’s

Au Wai-lun – South China; Era: 1990’s

Chan Siu-ki – South China; Era: 2000’s


hong-kongLai Shiu-wing – Era: 1960’s



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