Derby County FC

derby county



Colin Boulton – Era: 1970’s

Mart Poom – Era: 1990’s


David Nish – Era: 1970’s

Igor Štimac – Era: 1990’s

Roy McFarland – Era: 1970’s

Mark Wright – Era: 1980’s

Jack Barker – Era: 1930’s

Tom Cooper – Era: 1930’s

Colin Todd – Era: 1970’s

James Methven – Era: 1890’s

Ron Webster – Era: 1970’s


Stefano Eranio – Era: 1990’s

Archie Gemmill – Era: 1970’s

Alan Hinton – Era: 1970’s

Sammy Crooks – Era: 1930’s

Achie Goodall – Era: 1900’s

Alan Durban – Era: 1950’s

Charlie George – Era: 1970’s


Steve Bloomer – Era: 1900’s

John Goodall – Era: 1890’s

Kevin Hector – Era: 1970’s

Jack Bowers – Era: 1930’s

John O’Hare – Era: 1970’s


George Jobey – Era: 1930’s

Honorable Mention:

Peter Shilton – Era: 1980’s (Notthingham Forest)

Harry Bedford – Era: 1920’s (Blackpool)

Brian Clough – Era: 1970’s (Notthingham Forest) – Manager



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