Lionel Lewis – Home United; Era: 2000’s

Wilfred Skinner – Singapore FA; Era: 1960’s

David Lee – Singapore FA; Era: 1980’s


Samad Allapitchay – Singapore Lions; Era: 1970’s

Shunmugham Subramani – Tanjong Pagar United; Era: 1990’s

Daniel Bennett – Geylang International; Era: 2000’s

Aide Iskandar – Home United; Era: 2000’s

Terry Pathmanathan – Pahang FC (Malaysia); Era: 1980’s

Kadir Yahaya – Singapore Lions; Era: 1990’s

Abu Samah – Pahang FC (Malaysia); Era: 1990’s


Fandi Ahmad – Singapore FA; Era: 1980’s

Varadaraju Sundramoorthy – Singapore FA; Era: 1980’s

Malek Awab – Singapore Lions; Era: 1980’s

R. Suriamurthi – (?); Era: 1980’s

Rafi Ali – Warriors FC; Era: 1990’s

Nazri Nasir – Home United; Era: 1990’s


Majid Ariff – (?); Era: 1960’s

Indra Sahdan Daud – Home United; Era: 2000’s

Dollah Kassim – Singapore Lions; Era: 1970’s

Quah Kim Lye – Tampines Rovers; Era: 1960’s

Quah Kim Song – Singapore Lions; Era: 1970’s

Aleksandar Đurić – Warriors FC; Era: 2000’s

Mirko Grabovac – Warriors FC; Era: 2000’s


Choo Seng Quee – Era: 1960’s



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