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Birkir Kristinsson – Fram Reykjavík; Era: 1990’s

Árni Arason – Rosenborg BK (Norway); Era: 2000’s

Bjarni Sigurðsson – Íþróttabandalag Akraness / SK Brann (Norway) / Valur; Era: 1980’s


Guðni Bergsson – Bolton Wanderers (England); Era: 1990’s

Hermann Hreiðarsson – Charlton Athletic (England) / Portsmouth (England); Era: 2000’s

Jóhannes Eðvaldsson – Celtic (Scotland); Era: 1970’s

Birkir Sævarsson – SK Brann (Norway); Era: 2010’s

Ragnar Sigurðsson – FC København (Denmark) / FC Krasnodar (Russia); Era: 2010’s

Guðni Kjartansson – Keflavik; Era: 1970’s

Lárus Sigurðsson – Stoke City (England); Era: 1990’s


Ásgeir Sigurvinsson – VfB Sttutgart (Germany); Era: 1980’s

Rúnar Kristinsson – KSC Lokeren (Belgium); Era: 2000’s

Sigurður Jónsson – Sheffield Wednesday (England); Era: 1980’s

Gylfi Sigurðsson – Tottenham Hotspur (England) / Swansea City (Wales); Era: 2010’s

Albert Guðmundsson – AS Nancy (France) / RC France (France); Era: 1940’s

Aron Gunnarsson – Cardiff City (Wales); Era: 2010’s

Eyjólfur Sverrisson – Hertha Berlin (Germany); Era: 2000’s


Eiður Guðjohnsen – Chelsea FC (England); Era: 2000’s

Arnór Guðjohnsen – RSC Anderlecht (Belgium); Era: 1980’s

Pétur Pétursson – Feyenoord (Netherlands); Era: 1970’s

Atli Eðvaldsson – Fortuna Düsseldorf (Germany); Era: 1980’s

Kolbeinn Sigþórsson – AFC Ajax (Netherlands); Era: 2010’s

Ríkharður Jónsson – Íþróttabandalag Akraness; Era: 1950’s


Lars Lagerbäck – Era: 2010’s



4 responses to “Iceland

  1. Have you considered Samúel Þorsteinsson. He was the first and only Icelandic who have ever represented the Danish national team (7 times between 1918 and 1919 and went on to get selected to the Olympic team in 1920 (without getting a single match)). He was a Right-Winger who played most of his career for AB (in Denmark), but also enjoyed two spells with Napoli in the 1910 and again in the 1913/14

    • That’s really interesting!!! I never heard about him! Since that he played for Denmark I will rate him as danish, but I can add him with some exception.

      Did he was reconized for a newspaper, magazine or blog of an official organization as one of the best icelandics players? Did his name appear in a poll or ranking of best icelandic players ever?? If he was, he is legible to be in this squad (and I really want this).

      Thank you very much for the suggestion.

      • Before you label him as Danish, you should know that he was born in the city of Bíldudalur in Iceland. Also have to remember that Iceland first got their independence from Denmark in 1944 and he had stopped his career as a footballer before Iceland played their first unofficial national match in 1930.

        I have unfortunately not found him on a list over biggest Icelandic players ever… But in the book “Danske Gladiatorer i Serie A” (Danish gladiators in Serie A) he is compared to be just as big as Carl ‘Skomar’ Hansen and Nils Middelboe two of the biggest football legends/Pioneers Denmark has had.

        I have been dicking a bit more about him:
        He won the Danish Championship with AB in 1919 and 1921, but he was also an important part of the Napoli team that won the titel in the Campania-region, in the 1912/13 season (They went through to Serie A’s Round 2, where they where beaten by Lazio in two really close matches. Lazio went on to the final because of that match and where defeated by Pro Vercelli)

        I’ll Understand if you aren’t going to put him in it, because not that many remembers him today, and he is maybe considered more like a pioneer then a legend.

      • I know that, about Iceland history. I consider Samúel Þorsteinsson similar to Eusébio, while talking about nationalities. They have represented a country that still exist, even after the independency of their colonies or other territories.

        There’s good informations about him. Thanks.

        About the last words of your comment: Yes, I agree with you. Sometimes, a player can be overestimated due of his pioneerism. A interesting example is Okudera.

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