South America All Star


(READ BEFORE COMMENT: Is important understand that it’s always impossible make an agreed continental / intercontinental squad because everybody has their own opinion, and is a waste of time discuss their choices. The squad listed here is my personal idea about South America greatest players and manager.)

(NOTE: Only includes players that are listed in any squad from the categorie CONMEBOL All Star National Team in this blog.)



1 – Ladislao Mazurkiewicz – CA Peñarol (Uruguay); Era: 1960’s

12 – Amadeo Carrizo – CA River Plate (Argentina); Era: 1950’s

13 – Ubaldo Fillol – CA River Plate (Argentina); Era: 1970’s


2 – José Santamaria – Club Nacional (Uruguay) / Real Madrid (Spain); Era: 1950’s

3 – Elías Figueroa – SC Internacional (Brazil); Era: 1970’s

4 – Djalma Santos – Portuguesa (Brazil); Era: 1950’s

5 – Nílton Santos – Botafogo FR (Brazil); Era: 1950’s

14 – José Nasazzi – CA Bella Vista (Uruguay); Era: 1920’s

15 – Daniel Passarella – CA River Plate (Argentina); Era: 1970’s

16 – Roberto Carlos – Real Madrid (Spain); Era: 1990’s


6 – Didi – Botafogo FR (Brazil); Era: 1950’s

7 – Diego Maradona – SSC Napoli (Italy); Era: 1980’s

8 – Zico – CR Flamengo (Brazil); Era: 1980’s

17 – Obdulio Varela – CA Peñarol (Uruguay); Era: 1940’s

18 – José  Leandro Andrade – Club Nacional (Uruguay); Era: 1920’s

19 – Zizinho – CR Flamengo (Brazil); Era: 1940’s

21 – Falcão – SC Internacional (Brazil) / AS Roma (Italy); Era: 1970’s


9 – Ronaldo – FC Barcelona (Spain) / FC Internazionale (Italy); Era: 1990’s

10 – Pelé – Santos FC (Brazil); Era: 1960’s

11 – Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (Spain); Era: 2010’s

20 – Garrincha – Botafogo FR (Brazil); Era: 1960’s

22 – José Manuel Moreno – CA River Plate (Argentina); Era: 1940’s

23 – Juan Schiaffino – CA Peñarol (Uruguay); Era: 1950’s



south america XI


Helenio Herrera – FC Internazionale (Italy); Era: 1960’s



11 responses to “South America All Star

    • 😄😄😄😄😄

      By the same logic: Capdevilla >>>>>>> Maldini / Krol

      Capdevilla was a beast, he have 2 Euros and 1 World Cup.
      #HugeLegend #Respect #WhatAPlayer


    • Very good. On the beginning of this project I’ve used Jus Sanguinus and Jus Solis concept to make All Stars, like Eusébio and Coluna in Mozambique.

      I have a Surinam AS in draft mode.

  1. My friend is need the team of Austria with: Hannappi , Sindelar, Bican, Ocwirk, nd company. When can you do it? 😉

    • Di Stéfano is in Europe AS. Have You read the notes listed before the squad list:

      “NOTE: Only includes players that are listed in any squad from the categorie CONMEBOL All Star National Team in this blog.”

      I respect who prefer Di Stéfano in Argentina AS, but I rated Di Stéfano more as spanish since that he lived his peak years at Spain and played for Spain NT in that same years.

      It’s absolutely hard (maybe impossible) include Erico in the fowards list. Garrincha, Messi, Ronaldo, Pelé, JM Moreno, Schiaffino, who should be out? I can’t retire one midfielder, the midfielder list is pretty balanced.

      • My friend, I had read your note, but I think Di Stéfano counts as an Argentine.
        I respect your opinion, because it is debatable in 50%
        Di Stéfano was Argentine, Colombian and Spanish, in all three he triumphed, but of the three I stay with the first because he also played Copa America and was in the “machine of River” (where he least shone compared with giants like Pedernera, Labruna or José Manuel Moreno!!!).
        In short, personally believe that Erico> Schiaffino
        I have read many sources of old Argentine magazines and for them Erico is God (Di Stéfano himself considers him the best player in history).
        Schiaffino was talented, but no more than Jose Leandro Andrade and less important than Nasazzi or Obdulio Varela

      • Well that’s a hard question. Schiaffino is rated as the best player ever from Uruguay, although that I prefer Nasazzi.

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