This blog came in the mid-2012. It was a base to help creating my classic teams at PES (I always prefer make my own versions). What used to be a simple hobby, it became a passion. My knowledges had increased a lot. I’m no longer the “beginner” from six years ago. I’ve learn a lot, I made mistakes, I grew a lot (classic footballing terms, of course). I started in National Teams and Clubs, making the squads in anyway and anyhow, without a criteria. It was funny. Just making…

In the last six years, I’ve changed as person and as professional. I’ve finished the degree level in 2014 and the master degree in 2017 and now I have a job. I’ve got knowlegdes and skills that I never imagined in 2012. In those years, the free time was short but I was going making teams. In six years I’ve developed and learned about classic football in a imaginable level. But was clear that I was unable to do all the teams at PES. Everytime that I researched about players, more updates were necessary. I was so stopped. In that six years become clear that I’m more inclinated to NT (more easy to do than clubs teams). With the amount of updates that I need to apply to NT, it become impossible making and updating clubs teams.

Making clubs teams is hard. There’s severals constraints, factors. Due of that, I’ve lost completely the interest in making clubs teams. I don’t have more interest in making Canon Yaoundé AS, Lanús AS, Olympique Lyonnais AS, and the others 223 clubs teams listed in this blog at PES. Enough! All the clubs teams will be deleted, permanently, at the 1st January 2019. I repeat, all clubs teams will be deleted. Clubs Teams in this blog just one word: NEVER. And I will be completely relieved. This blog is now concentrate exclusively on National Teams.

To all that follow this blog, I’m so sorry, but being ambitious was a mistake.


8 thoughts on “Important!!”

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask you a question, but in private you could pass your email or Facebook account.
    The question refers to Pro Evolution Soccer and the teams all the stars

  2. Hahahaha….
    I haven’t try clubs, but I had the same experience with national teams.
    I even make countries like Andorra, Montserrat and Timor-Leste.
    At one point, I tell to myself… Enough!

    1. The struggle is real. I love making NT but making NT like Andorra or Macao, hmmmmmm, not sure, lol

      An advice: never do Clubs Teams AS 😀 Trust me 😉

  3. Não entendi muito bem, quando você se refere que ” Todas as equipas dos clubes serão eliminadas, permanentemente, a 1 de janeiro de 2019 “. Você quis dizer que este Site (Blog) será excluído, nesta data ?

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